“Pretty Little Ornament” #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #prettylittleornament


Image by Monika from Pixabay

I’m a pretty little ornament

Waiting to bust out from the outside

I have so much movement in my body

Brain in my mind that’s not received

I had a hard time sitting there looking pretty

Which I was sent out to do so many times

My new jobs now in New York City

As a twenty-something year old

A job that tried to set me up

as a human trafficking victim

Making me look like a troubled juvenile

coming from a broken home 

My mind would seep in at some jobs later to it’s highest

I was bad at typing in school

I could barely keep my mind on the keys

It was rather I keep my mind on the bad boy

That wanted nothing good for me

I wasn’t allowed to talk to the guidance counselor

at school about college

It was said that my father that I found out was not

Said a lot of bad things about me

I couldn’t go to anyone else in the school

I ended up with a counselor outside of there 

That killed my baby at four months in my womb

The bad boy would insist picking me up from school

I already suffered black and blue from

He would take me late many

I was punished more than him by the school vice principal

I was congratulated after all this in high school

For being able to win all I ever wanted

Walking next to the abusive man now that I married.


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