Mastered "Putting Up a Brand New Trajectory" Podcast #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #podcast #alternativelifestyle


A cool electronic song I did that will go out on an electronic music EP in Feb 2024 and much, much, more.

Out at Spotify Podcasters now! More distributors below.

Poetry book "Finding Passion Through Truth" by Lori Jean Finnila at Amazon.

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Drinking some tea

listening to some melodies

Oh to feel the caress 

of the sunshine

I’ve talked to the doctor

all is good

though the things that are not

I can’t change

I’m learning new ways

to get through my day


I wake up to a brand new day

it’s up to me how it’s gonna be

I’m getting ready 

to put up a new trajectory


My hair is clean

the clothes are washed

I’ve done all my dishes and kitchen work

now it’s time to sit down and meditate

I know how to stop

all the bad feelings inside of me

though I don’t know how long it will take

I’m willing to wait


I wake up to a brand new day

it’s up to me how it’s gonna be

I’m getting ready 

to put up a brand new trajectory


I’ll worry about tomorrow 

another light, and see how it flows

to my new stance

I can’t squander the event of time

it goes by so fast

I can sit hear and complain

and watch my life go by 

or do something new

that I know that will work



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