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Bonus Track #superladycd

(Free Valentines Day Song)

Resurrect My Home (Official Video)


#superladycd Getting Ready to Tape

Getting ready for another run at my video for my Super Lady album coming up with my song, Resurrect My Home. 

#superlady on The Shift Radio

#superladycd Out March 15 at  889290511218  Title track at iTunes. The Shift Studios ( @TheShiftStudios ) 1/29/16, 4:47 AM 24 hour NON-STOP radio - 'Super Lady' by 'Lori Jean'  @lorifinnila . Listen at:   #ReTweet

#boundunhelped Free

I just made Bound Unhelped free for those of you feeling alone. It is a song going on my #superladycd being released in my past mom's birthday, March 15th. It may take 24 hours to post the changes. If you have a card you can trial GooglePlay for $1 for 3 months if you can't wait.

#lorijeansrootscd Available #timcheatle

#lorijeansrootscd Available #timcheatle #lorijean #lorifinnila

UK I'm Coming!! #timcheatle #lorijeansroots

The Shift Music ( @the_shift_music ) 1/27/16, 9:59 PM Great artist now playing on  - 'Two Of A Kind' by 'Lori Jean'  @lorifinnila  .  #online   #radio

#lorijeansroots #superladycd

I just reviewed my files for Lori Jean's Roots. I made a couple changes to the text in the cover, it gets reviewed again-say ten days at the longest, and then it's ready to go out. Retailers: UPC  889290489975  for ordering. I'm in the computer under Lori Finnila through . Super Lady will be ready early before its March 15th release at a discounted price. Retailers: UPC  889290511218

Hangin' Out

Doing what I do best!! Fell in love with some clothes for when I get my check! Check it out!

Being Played on Country Music Radio!!!

Listen here:  I’m listening to Country Music Stars on TuneIn. Check it out here Songs: Bound Unhelped Just Like Yesterday Say You Love Me Once You Know You Can Never (feat. Tim Cheatle) Under Your Pillow (Factory Fast Records) Little Girls (Factory Fast Records) Super Lady Transition (feat. Tim Cheatle) Come Into the Light (feat. Tim Cheatle) Transition (feat. Tim Cheatle)

Lori Jean's Music Listening and Licensing Spot

Is now open. Check it out! Listen to some of my music before buying it or check out its theme for your movie or commercial. Here

Song Featured on #superladycd

The Woman - Single by Lori Jean

Latest on My New Album

Here is the backside of my new album Super Lady that is being released March 15, 2016.

First CD at Tower Records

My first CD produced April 2014 is at Tower Records. I remember this place in NY when it was hopping. Help yourself if you want my first memorabilia.

#lorijeansrootscd #cdrelease

This one with #timcheatle and I #lorijean should be out by Feb. 1rst. Probably even sooner. I’ll post it here. #ljpworks #lorijeansrootscd

My Angel Story Published!!!

Check out this site that publishes your Angel stories!! Mine is just up under replies and will be published in a book. So excited!! I write songs from my Angels! Come Share Your Story of Everyday Spirituality Here - YOU BEING YOU

2 CD Soundcloud Highlights

I will be making two highlights for each CD once the mastering is done so you can hear all the songs on the CD's for sale.

(Update) Possible Distr. Changes due to $$Stolen

***Create only-that way the other artists and myself can keep track of the sales. A store in the UK and France (where the other artists live) would be great for shipping purposes. But I will personally give discounts on orders due to shipping costs if I'm requested orders from myself (; this would be for singular or large retail orders (with the according price adjustments for stores).  End of update. Prior Post Due to my money being stolen from my products-that has been ongoing-I may just be releasing my 2 new albums digitally through Finland and Amazon for CD's. Amazon has been able to take care of this problem for me in the past with my own publishing company through them. I don't want to involve so many companies to fight my battles. Sorry about the inconvenience. It's not fair to the artists I represent either. :((

Lori Jean Backpack

Granted I'm not a good drawer, but I sketched up some ideas, one with a logo and one with a photo. Or they both can be used on opposite sides. Both of them obviously having the same convenient accessories holders to combs, quick makeup touch up tools, and a loop for music: something with a latch on it, perhaps singular music purchases, usb drives loaded. Inside should be organized too. I haven't found a backpack that doesn't drive me crazy of the messiness inside.

Update Doll

I want a line with backpacks (designed accordingly and efficiently-could use darker braids of mine), key chains, and the dolls. Concerned about distribution of funds. Could use a portion of packaged sale of all three products to go to teen moms. I could distribute the actual needs to the moms-this would leave me in full charge-but I would know where the money is going.

Found New Radio Station for Myself

Listening to songs by Lori Jean...Lori Jean survived abuse to her head as a toddler and adult. She has since formed her own label now called LJP Works collaborating with Ned Euphorya and Tim Cheatle of original tracks. Her message can be heard in her lyrics. #LoriJean #NovumRADIO

Popular Posts #singing #lorijean

I'm finding my most popular posts are about me and when I sing. I'm going to have to find a bigger venue to sing in-where I can see you too!

Charity Doll

Forgot to mention: every doll of the proceeds goes to teen moms.

Update Lori Jean Doll

Originally I had at the latest to make a Lori Jean doll to go atop of a product stand of mine including 2 children's books and my 2 CD's coming out this year. I said 'little girls' I guess because I was thinking it's of me when I was a little girl. Key chains and a stuffed doll with my name on it, wheat hair and hazel eyes: this was all at a time when my imagination to creativity came into play. Example photo below courtesy of:

Little girl doll

Just saw Joy movie. I'm making my Little Girl doll myself. Bring confidence to little girls. Watch for progress.

Little Girls Song Release Video

Tea parties of moss and sand in the backyard when she was growing up.

#humantrafficking #lorijean

My song “Bound Unhelped” for human trafficking. Please share. #humantrafficking #lorijean #ljpworks

Rotation Replay this Week!! #beyondthedawnradio #lorijean

Was wonderful!! @tdawn1 played my song, "You Named Me Best Friend" on New Music Monday at Beyond the Dawn Radio. Replay tonight at 9:00pm PST and all week. Http://

Just Got Amazon Approved!! #lorijean'sroots #timcheatle

Just got my CD with Tim Cheatle approved to go up for sale at Amazon, “Lori Jean’s Roots.” I decided to have 3 of the songs mastered. Will get those done this month and get it up and finished. This is good news and exciting. All the other tracks are mastered and cover is ready to go. Won’t be long now.

On Soon BTD Radio Live Stream

BTD Radio Live Stream : Beyond the Dawn Radio

Getting Close to Billboard!

My CD will be with Alliance Entertainment (CD Baby-in cart now-March 15 release) which stocks Walmart and Best Buy's shelves. Read more here:

Jesse's Song Live Preview

#concertwindow #lorijean #ljpworks #lovemykid Song I wrote for my son at iTunes. Singing it a bit. Resurrect My Home by Lori Jean

Final Cover??!! #superlady #nedeuphorya #timcheatle

Been playing around a lot. My son likes this one. Hope the guys do too. Been working a lot on the release. Just uploaded all the songs-though I'll switch them to waves before the final CD submit in March for its release. Only have 2 more songs to master-will replace those. Then when I get the money, possibly before March, in it goes. I'm offering a very low price to stick it in your store-40% off AND an additional 20% off for every additional single sale. GREAT deal!! I'll keep you posted. Watch or call for your preorders at CD Baby.

#dowload The Great Pain #cpsabuse

For those of you who can't access GooglePlay for the free song I wrote for Andrea Melissa Combs, here is the download.

Feat. Mon. Jan. 11 BTD Radio!!!

Beyond Dawn Radio ( @BeyondDawnRadio ) 1/10/16, 10:33 AM Guess what? Something super fabulous is going on with your music on NEW MUSIC MONDAY Jan 11 2p & 9p  @lorifinnila  We R playing your music! Download  the Twitter app Sent from my iPhone

#lorijean Releases #superlady CD


New Link #homeless Sell Song $1 to Eat, etc.

#littlegirls in UK

#littlegirls by #lorijean #factoryfastrecords #curtainsagainstthewind

More Radio AirPlay for Me!!

Factory Fast Records ( @NYCFactoryFast ) 1/8/16, 7:20 AM 🎯 THANKS  @1Radio_Ceejay  for playing 'Little Girls' by Lori Jean  @lorifinnila  on   #CurtainsAgainstTheWind  💿  #newMUSIC Download  the Twitter app Sent from my iPhone

5-Stars for "Under Your Pillow"

5-stars for my song "Under Your Pillow " produced by @NYCFactoryFast User 'rock-metal-network' has rated "Under Your Pillow" with a 5

New CD Out!!

“Lori Jean’s Roots” CD feat. Tim Cheatle on Guitar out at Amazon soon and WW digitally very, very soon!!