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Paralyzed By This #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #alternativelifestyle #podcast

Image by  Pietro Annicchiarico  from  Pixabay   I wrote this new song from a point of fright after intimacy. Free draft of song " Paralyzed By This " by Lori Jean Finnila and free draft of new " A Dream ." All free radio friendly music registered with BMI in the side bar under links. Listen to the free podcast at Spotify , Pandora Podcasts , iHeartRadio Podcasts , Amazon Audible ,  Apple Podcasts , and as always at Anchors Podcasts  first where I make the podcast. Lyrics to "Paralyzed By This" Verse You say we’re close But I’m scared Because I’m taken so far Does not mean  I’m safely cemented to this Chorus I get so serious Thinking this is love Am I going too far Paralyzed by this…... Verse Please don’t turn off By my scary fright That I feel so soon Afterwards this night Chorus I get so serious Thinking this is love Am I going too far Paralyzed by this…... Verse I feel the fear Creeping up in my face All I want to hear Is you’re not like what I imagine 

Music I Should Do Rather Than What I Want To Do #podcast #alternativelifestyle #singersongwriter #lorijeanfinnila

I think of where my heart is with music and get tangled up all the time. Free song " I Need You " by Lori Jean Finnila "I Need You" Streaming on the web. Free podcast at Pandora , Spotify , iHeartRadio , Audible , and Apple . All from Anchor along with all other episodes.

A Dream #rewritten #love #importance #happiness #life

I listened to Ed Sheeran tonight on Pandora Live and I learned it's the happy songs people long for and are the hardest to write. I emphasized this more on love and happiness. I've been working on it in a Nina Simone tone.  Photo Jill Wellington at Pixabay A Dream Lyrics Verse I thought to be a princess Live in a fine white house On a hill Have my own island Chorus I thought I had a dream But I didn't know what one was Until I had you When I had already lost one Verse The silver and gold sparkle became a blur Lights, camera, fashion Became last in my mind All I could think was love The most important Chorus Verse The warmth The touch The closeness Is all that I dream of now Bridge It's a feeling I want  Of belonging  Importance, existence No dreams on my mind now I didn't know what one was Chorus I thought I had a dream But I found I didn't know  What one was  until I had you A dream Oooo Oooo Repeat

Changes In Meanings To Songs #podcast #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #alternativelifestyle

  I found that the meaning to "Flying All Alone" means something very different to me today. Free "Flying All Alone" "Flying All Alone" streaming on the web. Banks Radio Australia Sweet Sunday Sounds 89.5 FM Australia Listen to free podcast here: Anchor , iHeartRadio podcasts, Apple podcasts, Pandora podcasts, Amazon Audible , and Spotify . All my Radio Friendly Tracks registered with BMI. Lori Jean Finnila Artist Radio at iHeartRadio Lori Jean Finnila Artist Radio at Pandora Radio