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Lori Jean Finnila Streaming

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Station and Label Supporting #lorijeanschildhoodscars #resurrectmyhome

A station and label that supports my childhood scars. #resurrectmyhome #lorijeanschildhoodscars 🙁🙁🙁🤗👏🙏😇 @museboatradio #59 @NYCFactoryFast

AirPlay at 'Beyond the Dawn Radio Oct. 3 #newmusicmonday #lorijean

Looking forward to this show again with the popcorn and all. I think I know which tune they're playing. Beyond the Dawn Radio    4:00pm PST Don't forget Route 66 Radio in Spain Oct. 1
AirPlay at 'Beyond the Dawn Radio Oct. 3 #newmusicmonday #lorijean

Monday, September 26, 2016

Wow #59 Went Up Again #museboatradiocharts #aerosmith Please Vote!! #lorijean #factoryfastrecords

"Resurrect My Home" by Lori Jean
At Museboat Radio

Spin off of #aerosmith "#janiesgotagun

'Lori Jean'
Factory Fast Records 'Lori Jean' page

Super Lady Show #lorijean #performance #superlady

'Expression to the limits of a proper young lady.'

"Super Lady" Show
A performance with skit of comedy.

"Come Dance with Me"

"Little Girls"

"Desperado on Your Knees"

"Female Soul"

"Ashes on My Cup"

"Johnny's in Mars" (#teensatcrossroads Song Project)

"Grandma Farinha"

"I Put on My Gloves"

"Just Like Yesterday"

"Jesse's Song"

"Super Lady

"When She Was Young" under "She Finds the Chords Herself" at VEVO 'Lori Jean (omit from senior centers)

(Added holiday tunes for senior center holiday shows.
Silent Night)

Dancers choreographed to the theme of the story. 

Some Song Highlights
Little Girls
Super Lady

Friday, September 23, 2016

Route 66 Radio #lorijean #Spain #radioairplay

Route 66 Radio accepted 3 of my tracks from my LP with Factory Fast Records LP AirPlay starts Oct. 1. 

On Air Again Tonight #isxradio #Kdawg

I'll be in the first set tonight with DJ KDawg of my Factory Fast Records LP. 6:00 pm PST @isxradio

On ISX Radio Today 12:00pm PST

@NYCFactoryFast @Antsavage2 @mikemarison @redbeltmusic @pretendiguana @therosehoteluk @lovelieschester @IsxRadio @foxleyinfo "Just Like Yesterday" 'Groove Tramp' 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

'Lori Jean's' Rock Stanza of Women #singersongwriter #womenontour Be a Part of It

Only those who dare to speak what's on their mind (with eloquence) should apply.

I need a marketer to get sponsors so us artists get paid well - lowest $10,000, best $20,000 starting in a field in Eugene, OR, perhaps spring and fall - 2x a year. Then on the road.

Singer and songwriters with a punch in genre, folk, blues, rock, any alternative, kick butt ballads, any off beats, kick butt country and alt. country. A bit of jazz style can be included to these. The main thing is the punch to the writing with eloquence, and always a story or message for your audience. Bring your best face. Contact me if you're interested in helping setthis up and/or perform at

"There's a Way Through" to 'Lori Jean'

Press Release

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Booked "Bodega Salto" #Spain #lorijean #bodegasalto

I'm booked!!! Can you believe it!! Another top ten music venue reviewed by The Guardian as no. 2 in Barcelona, Spain 😘😘😘 Feb. 22, 2017.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, winery. Now I'm just trying to get my records stocked at Daily Records in Barcelona, Spain. Already played on Spain's Only Rock Radio.

Now I can promote my multimillion dollar self written story of my comical youth to music, "Pia's Records" TV Pilot, while I'm there. Yeah!! 🎊🎊🖐🖐👏👏

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Join Me on Hamilton Radio #hopeisdennisholseybrook

This man keeps me with hope for dreams and life 3x a week. Please listen in today from 1-5pm PST Today and every Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday same times Music Motel with Dennis (@Songsmithdh1) Twitter I'm played shortly after I arrive and catch my music at Factory Fast Records.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Life is Hard, Life is Magic

I make my own magic. I'm so pleased with it. I have a top ten music venue in Spain that is welcoming me to perform. A beautiful star for my movie I'm producing, directing, and have written that a film crew just dedicated to, "She Finds the Chords Herself" - song out at iTunes that Ned Euphorya and I did together. And it's only because I don't give up and I make my dreams come true.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

'Lori Jean' MusixMatch Lyrics

Just Like Yesterday by Lori Jean #lyrics on @musixmatch

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Check Out DisasterToday #13thandolive #unsafe #lifethreatening #discrimination #harrassment

Well most of you know my challenges that I have sometimes portrayed as a humerous older woman finishing her college degree in the dorms. Well there was some very not so humerous times of abuse there at 13th and Olive Residency in Eugene, OR. I have them video taped and some remembrance photos for those of you who haven't seen these along with a public complaint filed when they tried to solicit extra funds from me when checking out.

Being Played Today #hamiltonradio #qstarradio #lorijean #venture

Lets see what DJ Dennis plays. I'll be there 1:00 pm PST today, 9/1. He usually plays me at the bottom of the hour when I show up at 1:00pm.

There's a secret project brewing between Dennis and I that I can NEVER tell you. 😮