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A Bit More on Next Release #lorijean #musician #release

Hi!! A bit more on " Never Thought of You ." I'm also trying to work on another song that would possibly work for both my charitable song projects called "We're All the Same." I love the meaning and the lyrics, I just haven't found a composition that I like yet. I used some lyrics from two songs, "We All Fail Sometimes" and We're All the Same" and combined them. I changed the meaning a bit toward everyone.  I'm sure the two inspirations, Living on One and Jose Aldo would love that as well. I felt chills inside of myself as I drifted to the words 'we're all the same." It seemed to bring so much meaning and relevance to the world. My passion with the homeless always sticks with me and those cultures that can live on virtually no money and still have so much substance in life. I think at times possibly we don't see the treasures in this. Let you know more on this song. Bye!! Can't thank K-Dawg enough fo

Song Projects for the Homeless and for the Teens #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond #socoldoutsidecd #lorijean #musician

Check out your updated pages with your new songs. I hope you like them. I fixed all the dead links. I added two beautiful songs from the video for the homeless that I made up at the "So Cold Outside CD." I added two new songs originally picked by Factory Fast Records at the bottom with new songs for the kids at the Teens page . I added the intro clip for one of the new songs for the kids at their pag and a video that I made for the homeless at their page as well. Enjoy!!! P.S. Make some money. If you can't put the songs up at your a website just copy the link to the page of the song downloads and have the person you're selling to download the songs they like from there themselves. If you can print a page of the songs from the page then you can show them possibly what they might want to buy or at least show them the blog with the page on it so they know what it's all about and possibly what they might be getting. Be creative. Luv ya!!

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The Shift Radio (@The_Shift_Radio) Tweeted: 'You Have The Wrong Girl' by 'Lori Jean' @lorifinnila . Tune in now to! #TOPTUNE Tweet from The Shift Radio (@The_Shift_Radio) The Shift Radio (@The_Shift_Radio) Tweeted: 'Get It Ft Tim Cheatle' by 'Lori Jean' @timcheatle @lorifinnila. Tune in now to! Keep on Pushing in 2018! Tweet from TalentSeekersUS (@TalentSeekersUS) TalentSeekersUS (@TalentSeekersUS) Tweeted: Now Playing 'What About Good Old Eve' by 'Lori Jean' @lorifinnila . Tune in now to! Please x

#newsong A Wish #lorijean #kickass #sisterhood

Hello Guys!! Here's a clip of the new song A Wish that's getting closer to being done.

#inspiration #JoseAldo We All Fail Sometimes #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond #lorijeanmusic #newsong

#josealdo #Brazil inspired by Jose's childhood between his father and mother. We All Fail Sometimes #newsong #lorijean #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond Photo Courtesy Wikipedia Lyrics Verse Am I here Am I something too much I don't feel the fight Chorus Am I really here See me cry My aimlessly selfless We all Fail Sometimes Verse Am I something too much I don't see it in your eyes Until it's too late It's just another day Chorus Verse The darkness is still Is it really here silent this moment another day Chorus

#clip #newsong Never Though of You #lorijean

Hi Guys!! Listen to a small clip of a song that I'm working on. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it exactly. But you will know. I will be working on my next move/release/press sometime in October/early November. Please watch for this. Never Thought of You .