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No Dreams #newsong #lyrics #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter I Didn't Know What a Dream Was #nodreams

  Photo Mokup at Pixabay. "No Dreams" lyrics by Lori Jean Finnila Verse I thought to be a princess Live in a fine white house Drive in a vet Have my own island Chorus I thought I had a dream But I found I didn't know  What one was Until I had you When I had already lost one Verse All the silver Gold and sparkle became a blur The lights, shine, camera, fashion Became last in my mind Chorus Verse I couldn't find any dreams any more All I could think was love  That was the most important Bridge The warmth The touch The closeness Was all that I dreamed of now My dreams had never been real I didn't know what one was I didn't know of the word or its meaning It's a feeling I want  To feel belonging  Someplace of meaning Importance, existence Chorus No dreams No dreams on my mind now I don't know what one is I thought I knew a dream No dreams now Chorus

"Am I Awake" #song #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #alternativelifestyle #unplugged #podcast #nutritionforfemales #armor

  Image by  jiao tang  from  Pixabay   Importance of Nutrition: Before, During, and After Abuse Podcast free at  Amazon Audible ,  iHeartRadio ,  Pandora , and  Spotify . " Am I Awake " song by Lori Jean Finnila. Verse I know you really want me or control me I know I could be sad and give up on life. But I feel it would be better to just put it away and get lost to the music I only know when I feel this way I'll be alright. Chorus Am I really here Am I awake I take one step away and I don't feel the pain. I'm here, but I'm outside of this situation I'm in shock again am I awake or am I dreaming. Verse I feel it would be better to let the past go right now I can see into the future and make beauty of a bad situation. Chorus Verse We fight to keep it quiet but why do we have to do this blood bursts till it spills over my quiet screams to no one. Chorus End. All free published music here .

Song "Dreams in a House" The Women in My Life #singersongwriter #newsong #alternativelifestyle #podcast

Image by  Comfreak  from  Pixabay   Podcast free at Amazon Audible , iHeartRadio , Pandora , and Spotify . Draft of song " Dreams in a House " Lyrics: Verse Dreams in a house People come see A little girl That brings ease Chorus See me in my house It has all my dreams Make it clear Make it here Verse Is time so important To the essence of existence We try so hard To bind our hearts, our minds They go frail They go away She comes and sees me on Sundays We laugh and talk in all ways Her disposition is quite clear She comes here to cheer me on Come see me in my window Don’t make me run for my dreams Or from a house That has everything for me Verse My angels know what I need It’s clear my desires I have everything here I need No more questions No more answers Needed from the past Bridge Cuz a lifetime is once to be seen It’s a lifetime to be seen Make it clear Make it here Make it easy for me Chorus See me in my house It has all my dreams Make it clear Make it here Dreams in my h

Draft of "This Time" How Far Would You Go? #newsong #unplugged #timelost #podcast #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #alternativelifestyle #survivor

 How far would you go, especially being a survivor, to thrive? Photo courtesy dana279 at Pixabay. Podcast at iHeartRadio , Pandora , Spotify , and Audible at Amazon for free as well. Draft of song "This Time" Lyrics: Verse Always thinking Always moving Trying to create While running away Chorus Too much time sometimes Not enough at times Not always the special place Needed to think To help bring me to create Verse Sometimes I have the thought The idea I need to create Don't have the warm spot To think to put it into words Too much noise, shouting, conflict To get anything done Chorus I'm always shuffling left and right It seems Can't seem to find the right direction right words, even the emotion gets scrambled  Verse Why do I have to feel like this So many times When the time should be right When something comes to my mind Always dark, scary moments come to light before my eyes Right when I don't need it most Chorus I think I've found the moment  One mor

Living In a Pretend World #newsong #unplugged #podcast #alternativelifestyle #singersongwriter #lorijeanfinnila #survivor

I did this song from a stance of standing up to an abuser. I'm sharing my alternative lifestyle focusing on the this theme in this week's podcast. Draft of Song "Your World" Podcast  at  iHeartRadio , Pandora , and  Spotify . Photo Courtesy Bing Vector Images Lyrics: Verse I'm mysterious Maybe not What you're looking for, me What you think I am You may be sick Too much  of what you believe  to be too big or  it's just you Is that too nice to say Even coming from me   Chorus your world  it is just as a part of us  as you Your world Your world   Verse Your distaste in life Or even your choices Show vulgar acts Don't touch me  one more time Though if I say It doesn't matter anyway You think you are it all But you are just as small As your beliefs   Chorus your world it is just  as a part of us  as you Your world Your world   Verse Come here baby You lost little lamb I will coat you with sugar All over and put you to bed  Bridge And when you have bad d