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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Slacker Radio and More!!

Watch for me on Slacker Radio and many more!!

Lori Jean

Featured Track!!

I'm a featured track at! Though I can't figure out where to look, 'Bit of Happiness' was chosen as one and is at the top! I'm so excited. At first I was unsure of the song. Then I came to love it. Yeah!!

Thank you for all your love and support and taking this journey with me!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Heat Turns Up - Isabelle's Eyes

In the second half of my film, I show Momma Grace having sexual relations with men in her husband's bed while Isabelle is tied to the cellar stairs. The actions excite the dog and he begins to chew on Isabelle's ears. Isabelle can't feel because she is being subdued by the men by them putting drugs in her baby bottle and even some instances of poison to slow her actions down even more-not to bother them while they come and go having sex with the mom. The men reveal what Momma Grace has to do with them to stay in the country. Dad explodes with anger by finally confronting his feeling of Momma Grace's actions toward Isabelle. He can't handle it and dies.

I show an explosion in the house as Isabelle starts having seizures and convulsions. The town doctor screams at mom at the sight of Isabelle's ears. CPS intervenes and Isabelle shows her magical enchantment of what life is to her-confusingly even after everything she has been through. Isabelle's illegal abortion kicks in and she ends up in the hospital. This connects the doctor who has suspected foul play onto Isabelle since she was a baby. All the stress blows up and Dad dies from it. Isabelle goes into a frantic sleep tossing and flashing back filling in all the spaces and questions of what has been going on. The drugs, sex, and abuse on Isabelle's body is all revealed through her flashbacks.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lori Jean on Beyond the Dawn Radio BTD Music from all over the world

Beyond the Dawn Radio BTD Music from all over the world

We r rock in' baby!! I was accepted!! wheeeee

Singer Meditations


I wanted to share with you some of the meditations that I use to help me focus more on my biographies and my writing for my music!

Tools For Singers
(Hint: You've probably never heard these before.) 

So You Want To Be a Singer!! | Lori Jean Podcast Singer Tips and Journey

So You Want To Be a Singer!! | Lori Jean Podcast Singer Tips and Journey

My first very, very, short podcast! I won't bore you. You might hear something you like, plus, I give out a free song each time I podcast.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Rockers Dive Lori Jean Rotation List Performed Tomorrow!!!

Rockers Dive Playlist for Lori Jean
Lori will be singing songs uploaded at radio of hers.

1. Bit of Happiness
2. Jesse's Song
3. Misunderstood
4. So Cold Outside
5. Thank Heavens For My Child
6. The Virtuous Woman
7. Where Do I Belong
8. You Could See It

NMB Live Streaming Concert Lori Jean

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sample Concert Playlist for Lori Jean

In order of theme: Woman Storytelling

1. Don't Tell Him
2. She Finds The Chords Herself
3. Where Do I Belong
4. So Cold Outside
5. You Could See It
6. I Open My Eyes
7. Jesse's Song
8. Come Dance With Me
9. What Ever Happened to Little Lisa
10. Misunderstood
11. Little Girls (Adult Version)
12. The Virtuous Woman (Encore)

#159 Nationally Lori Jean Indie Rock Artists!!!!

THANK YOU Soooo MUCH for all your support!!! I'm getting closer and closer to top 100 in the nation for an Indie artist on Reverbantion-the most popular music sharing site in the world!!!

Lori Jean

Please Vote For Me!!

Lori Jean

I need serious advancement with my music!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

NMB Live Music Live Stream Extravaganza with Lori Jean

Come watch me perform with these greats at NMB Performers!!
From May 13 2015 14:00 to May 13 2015 14:30
Tickets: FREE

Little Girl Rockin' Memories....

I was just remembering when I was a little girl, we use to have these block parties in our town where the roads would be closed for performances from local bands. I was too little-of course, again, to go, but my sister did. I could almost hear the music all the way down the road from my bed. I remember being sad laying my head on my pillow. My sister told me the next day that Scott Dunne attributed a performance to me, who was one of the acts. I was FOREVER in GLEE!!. At parties later in my life, the guys would invite me over to their act at parties-I was shy, hesitated, and wondered if I would be shunned. I know now NOT.....

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Virtuous Woman Movie Beginning Screenshots


Beginning Screenshots
The Virtuous Woman Movie
by Lori Finnila

A young woman finds herself closed off from the world
when she decides to run from the life she knows. She
experiences many trials and tribulations along the way,
to find the true meaning of herself and the importance
of her wants and desires.

Copyright 2015 LJP Works

Request "Sooooo Cold Outside"!!!! Airplay Request Link

Request "So Cold Outside" by Lori Jean (Me) at Rockers

#1 Indie Mom Rocker 53 and Still Rocking!!

Reiterating Indies #1 Reverbnation mom Rocker of Eugene, OR Try and top that one! 53 and still rockin'!!

Happy Mother's Day Gift for You!

Please accept my gift to you today and share my "Love Of A Child" CD by Lori Jean (me) for all the women and organizations I worked with that I wrote it for! God Bless! The Virtuous Woman by Lori Jean
 Love Of A Child by Lori Jean at Amazon

Friday, May 8, 2015

Wither When Close to Heart

Reading J. Braheny-Songwriting.Comes like a perfect puzzle. Closes to heart needs limits on training before the creativity begins to wither.

I Was Just Thinking How Easy It Is For Me To Write Songs

I was just realizing how easy it is for me to write songs. I thought it was just another form of writing I stumbled upon.  But now that I think back, writing books was so hard for me-and I didn't even enjoy it.

When I see how magnificent it is that I can do this, I have to wonder why more people don't discuss this with me. I see that I'm #2 on the music site that I am a part of for Indie music, I had been #1 in another genre, but felt to constantly change this to something that would be harder to achieve because the numbers were just numerals sitting there-for quite a while-and didn't seem to bring me the rewards needed that comes with it.

As I do my affirmations towards this career, I have to stop and google to look at 1rst time older women singing artists-never mind successful-I felt as though I was in a 3rd world country with a wall up-I actually even felt a little fright and embarrassment just for looking when I saw the results-NOTHING... It shocked me. Was I still in my own world with my thoughts, or had I woken up to a world that had always existed this way?

I remember when I was younger fighting the stereotypes of secretarial and receptionist being my prototype-with so much creativity inside of me. Even at these times, to land sleeping on a wet floor of an abandoned apartment because of a boyfriend trying to show me a lesson, not letting me back home, sleeping with me. This went on as a forever decision-apparently I didn't get it. I thought this was all for real-an argument of my time to leave? With so many arguments to my prototype in this relationship, this is where I was left-very unknowingly to this too and confused. And perhaps not physically showing it boldly-don't know why I would have to do that, it is, or was, misunderstood as to who I am and how it fits into my life.

A teacher, a nurse, and a nun was outlined to me in grade school. As I ate real rice, that was suppose to signify authentic Chinese rice-in my bathrobe that I brought to school, the questions came around as to who we would be. "A nurse", I would say with a feeling of resistance and a bit of confusion to this, and a bit of confusion to my reactions to this from the questioner. Further along with years into high school, I started to learn more deeply the meaning of lyrics and that there were real people trying to tell us something behind these amazing musical melodies-it wasn't just sound! I was connecting with something for the first time in my life. This landed me in summer school.

With each new accomplishment every day, lining up my successes to further success, I feel such a strong feeling of accomplishment and clarity of connection with myself. And though I know my journey holds a strong stance in responsibility and ownership (ownership meaning if I'm ever going to do it)-I have to be honest with you, I can't think of myself anywhere else.

P.S. I was googling for a picture for this-you actually have to use the word, OLD.

by Lori Finnila aka Lori Jean
P.S.S. I thought she looked a little like me!

Come Dance With Me by Lori Jean

So Wrong For Me by Lori Jean

You Could See It Video

Airplay for You Could See It by Lori Jean

"You Could See It (Live)" is being played on @RockersDive Awesome!@SupportJAYC The song was written for Jaycee Dugard and her mom. All proceeds from song at iTunes go to Jaycee. Please call or go on line to request.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Clip of Horse Go Run Wild by Lori Jean

What Would You Be

A song I threw together, again, another one for my little Isabelle that passed from teen abuse upon me while inside of me when I was 17. This is kind of continued from all the other posts I've been doing. I think you'll like it. It is sweet.

What Would You Be

Would you be a ballerina dancing in a play
Would you be in a studio taking piano lessons
What color was your hair
Were your eyes like mine-I know they would have shined.

I picture your face like your dad's
Your hair as golden as mine once was
when I was very young

I can almost hear you talking to me
Your sweet innocence of whispers in my ears
Your sweet nothingness that leaves all to bear

My little sunshine
my little angel in heaven above
I hear you constantly now
I've learned to answer your prayers

For you shall not have to cry no more
Momma is here to save you
Rest awhile among the lambs in peace and security
until Momma can tuck you in.

by Lori Finnila aka Lori Jean

Isabelle's Eyes Screenplay-My Story of Teen Domestic Violence and How I Lost My Unborn Child

Isabelle's Eyes

Lori Jean's May News

Lori Jean's May News

My Way of Giving Back!

Printing Three Feet From Gold and Holding Tight!