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They’re So Cold #writing #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

 Today was the second day of The Goddess Channeling Workshop with Rebecca Campbell. I certainly got more writing. I can’t fully understand where it’s going. It can be deep, eerie, and beautiful at the same time. I’m letting it flow as instructed and following my theme with this work. We’ll see where it goes.  Photo by Brin Weins at She is there far away Dark and cold  So cold so deep So light deep down buried The sun shines so yellow Fills the sky 2 skies that fold One to an unknown place So surreal far away into another  land, time, place Another dark, scary door That this purple sun opens It carries to a tunnel You’re beautiful you’re old Not too old to die and be loved Feeling you have to be young To die to be loved From dying too old to be loved They want the cold to be known Unsure they peek out One from the right shines  Brings warmth showing she is there too 1 light 1 dark  1 in the light  1 in the dark Opening the door  for the children to go to heaven Be scared th

"Dance With Me" #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #podcast #EDM

 I'm loving me EDM music!!! Free song at  Google Drive ,  SoundCloud , and here in sidebar under links in Podcast Music. Poetry book "Finding Passion Through Truth" by Lori Jean Finnila at  ⁠ Amazon ⁠ . Podcast at: Apple Podcasts ,  Audible ,  Spotify Podcasts ,  Amazon Music ,  RadioPublic ,  Pandora Podcasts ,  TuneIn Podcasts ,  iHeartRadio ,  ivoox ,  Google Podcasts ,  Blubrry , and  Pocket Casts ,  Castbox ,  Substack ,  Spotify for Podcasters ,  Listen Notes ,  Anghami ,  Audacy , and . More streaming music from Lori: Pandora Artist Radio Artist iHeartRadio Spotify Artist Radio Songcast Music Apple Music Amazon Artist Radio Tidal Deezer Lyrics: dance with me bring me joy the dream in my mind so lost and all alone dance with me bring me joy the dream in my mind   so lost and all alone sway with me lose control that’s all I ever wanted from you over and over again and again in my space such a crazy joy dance with bring me joy the dream in my mind   so lo

Continue To Communicate My Work #ancientwomen #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

  Photo by soupysquirrel at I came up with these beautiful words after the first meeting with Rebecca Campbell today through her free Goddess Channeling Workshop.  You come to me You cry to me I feel your tears I think they’re mine My heart is open Your pain is opening my eyes to you The women who speak are beaten I will continue communicating my word Keep going with my unique message Continue communicating my word Communicating my word Through the castles on sacred land To stop the persecution  All the way to our ancient mothers We need beauty and light I will be here every step of the way You call me in oh great one I feel your comfort to my physical pain  You call in others  I see many women gather I’m in amazement  Keep going my unique message Follow those that know the women cry The women are our answer The women who speak get beaten  How will we survive They said they’re here I am them I feel you I feel connected  I’ve been there too I feel your pain I feel many sist

Writing “The Violin Bleeds” #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

  Photo by  ractapopulous at The Violin Bleeds To the approach, emotions Green entwines with the depth of nature Jive, a presumption rules out philosophy  And the beauty to meaning Fresh and flourishing Those unknown coil to the meaning Because it’s giving us room to meaning  as music is universal The Violin Bleeds The dancing movement in curves Opens the mind to meaning Is it intelligence or inventiveness  that gives us ingenuity  It screams reaching out towards us With movement unknown Only convictions will save it It’s incandescent sound Overlap Overwhelming Overwhelming, seemingly, fallen. Boy if I can get a song out of this.

Electronic Ashes on My Cup #newsong #release #recording #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

 A new electronic song. I'm really enjoying this genre. Releasing this one Nov. 24, 2023 mainstream. At SoundCloud . Lyrics: Verse Thinking about you now again Feeling so lonely Wryly upon my bed Chorus You’re leaving me wasted Our love was so much more I’m wrongly wasted Like ashes on my cup Verse I smell you I hear you I know you’ve been somewhere else I can hear it in your breath I know you’ve been here before Chorus Verse Possible fixture Unknown ingredients I may have been To all its graces To another room I’m barren to Chorus Verse The groans I know I have become accustomed to I feel and smell upon you I know someones been here I know when someones been upon you

Out Tonight “Sweet Dancing Angels” #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #spotify #apple #iheartradio #tidal #deezer #amazonmusic #pandora #itunes

  Thanks to Prawny at Pixabay. My encounter with angels in a song.  Out at Tidal , iHeartRadio , Deezer , Apple , YouTube Music , Amazon Music,   Pandora , iTunes , and Amazon Purchase. Lyrics: Sweet dancing angels Perhaps dancing is sweet In its highest  I dance with you You’re not afraid sweet dancing angels sweet dancing angels Chorus You dance in and out Thru the corners You slip around me sweet dancing angels sweet dancing angels Verse I see a wall A wall of fright Yet you’re not afraid of me I know you’re here you just want to tell me something I can’t hear you but I can read you just let me know what it is Chorus You dance in and out Thru the corners You slip around me sweet dancing angels repeat Verse What is it you want me to do You dance thru the air, swirl, fly It almost seems in my presence  So sweetness whole Bridge I’m not getting your message Though I feel you need me for something I want to know what it is You leave me wondering  I’m sitting here waiting as long as you