They’re So Cold #writing #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

 Today was the second day of The Goddess Channeling Workshop with Rebecca Campbell. I certainly got more writing. I can’t fully understand where it’s going. It can be deep, eerie, and beautiful at the same time. I’m letting it flow as instructed and following my theme with this work. We’ll see where it goes. 

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She is there far away

Dark and cold 

So cold so deep

So light deep down buried

The sun shines so yellow

Fills the sky 2 skies that fold

One to an unknown place

So surreal far away into another 

land, time, place

Another dark, scary door

That this purple sun opens

It carries to a tunnel

You’re beautiful you’re old

Not too old to die and be loved

Feeling you have to be young

To die to be loved

From dying too old to be loved

They want the cold to be known

Unsure they peek out

One from the right shines 

Brings warmth showing she is there too

1 light 1 dark 

1 in the light 

1 in the dark

Opening the door 

for the children to go to heaven

Be scared these children need heaven

They are locked inside somewhere

They need peace, courage, and love

Stay strong child

I can connect them with love

Rise sister rise 

You echo in my ears


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