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I came up with these beautiful words after the first meeting with Rebecca Campbell today through her free Goddess Channeling Workshop. 

You come to me

You cry to me

I feel your tears

I think they’re mine

My heart is open

Your pain is opening my eyes to you

The women who speak are beaten

I will continue communicating my word

Keep going with my unique message

Continue communicating my word

Communicating my word

Through the castles on sacred land

To stop the persecution 

All the way to our ancient mothers

We need beauty and light

I will be here every step of the way

You call me in oh great one

I feel your comfort to my physical pain 

You call in others 

I see many women gather

I’m in amazement 

Keep going my unique message

Follow those that know the women cry

The women are our answer

The women who speak get beaten 

How will we survive

They said they’re here

I am them

I feel you

I feel connected 

I’ve been there too

I feel your pain

I feel many sisters

The great one came first

The women are with me

The great women in our heavens

They love me and protect me

I am being called to communicate for these women

Which I know when I feel their deaths 

The sadness of their loss

The world needs to know

They are with me

Continue to communicate my work.


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