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"Beautiful and Resilient" #newsonglyrics #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

 This song comes from me looking down at the waterfront where I live in Portland, OR. I don't go down to it, I just look down toward it. I can see the bikes and people. Hear the noises coinciding with it from afar. Yet I hold my breath and clutch my chest to the what the remembrance of that spot brings to me. I'm still working on this emotional feeling. Image by  Jason Goh  from  Pixabay   Verse You take me down By one look at you Though I’m drawn to you I have to face the fear You are powerful Your strength takes me down At the same time strongest to imagination You are outside of my realms I’ll find a way  To take my steps to you Chorus Though my fear appears to be stronger Your depth in advancement Is far equal to I know I can overcome you Verse Your dark and long Dry and strong Holding me in my chest I can’t breathe I can’t see straight When I try to look at you But in reality You’re just a beautiful place Am I to  move on from this place And feel my true beauty and resilie

"Don't You Know Little Girl" #writingfromflowers #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

Photo courtesy Bessi I used to go to 3 fields down the road from me before I was school age. I would run through the fields with flowers. I couldn't believe how free I felt.  "Don't You Know Little Girl" Verse You've always been different You've always been a clown Smaller than most  Like a boy, funny at times Too short, too small to wear a normal dress Last in line Late for class Those odd colors on you catch the eye Your misplaced personality leaves you blind With discontentment You doubt yourself too much Chorus Don't you know little girl They save the best for last You might just be a little girl now But the whole world is waiting for your finest Verse Open up those lovely petals Even though they're different they're yours  They bloom in uniform Chorus Verse Don't let yourself feel bad When you're always forgotten about  pick up your chin dry your eyes Get out of bed Run wild In the outside Your world is out there  In antici

"Wild Heart ' A dirty little prose #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #writingtoflowers

Photo courtesy Jill Wellington Wild heart You naughty little girl Putting those holes in your pants Pulling your shirts up How many times have you  Packed your school bag  With your naughty clothes How many times have You dreamed and pursued The boys to look your way How many times have you told  Grandma 'no' to what you're going to do anyway How many times have you landed a slap on your face Don't tie me down by locking me in my room Don't charge me for gas so I won't go too far Don't ignore my tears that go on for 3 days To attend that naughty dance once again. (Me growing up.)

Writing From Flowers #singersongwriter #lorijeanfinnila #newsonglyrics "Come Sing With Me My Flower"

Photo courtesy Bessi This flower reminds me of happy times at childhood. Come Sing With Me My Flower  Verse I want to dance and sing  When you're around I can open myself up wide in your face I hold back no emotion You've brought me to this place Chorus Come sing with me my flower As I watch you  You're at the most open that you can be Verse I don't hesitate my feelings When I look close at you I know instantly how I feel I'm confident in this Chorus Verse Come make me laugh I know I can be the loudest with you I can cry You won't judge me I won't faulter  with my love for you Bridge I'm as strong as I can be I don't think twice about myself I know you have  all the definitions of me Chorus  Come sing with me my flower As I watch you  You're at the most open that you can be I know I can be the happiest with you!! Come sing with me my flower! Repeat