"Beautiful and Resilient" #newsonglyrics #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

 This song comes from me looking down at the waterfront where I live in Portland, OR. I don't go down to it, I just look down toward it. I can see the bikes and people. Hear the noises coinciding with it from afar. Yet I hold my breath and clutch my chest to the what the remembrance of that spot brings to me. I'm still working on this emotional feeling.

Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay 


You take me down

By one look at you

Though I’m drawn to you

I have to face the fear

You are powerful

Your strength takes me down

At the same time strongest to imagination

You are outside of my realms

I’ll find a way

 To take my steps to you


Though my fear appears to be stronger

Your depth in advancement

Is far equal to

I know I can overcome you


Your dark and long

Dry and strong

Holding me in my chest

I can’t breathe

I can’t see straight

When I try to look at you

But in reality

You’re just a beautiful place

Am I to  move on from this place

And feel my true beauty and resilience

Once I’ve done this

They’ll be so many more

I know, so sadly

But true



But it’s okay

As long as I walk down to you

To the end 

Where the fear is the strongest

I will embrace 

This beautiful

Moment with you

And then will let it go

Have no more fear

Of this feeling that takes proceeds over me



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