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Update: Practicing One of the End of the Year Releases #lorijean #musician #rock #releases

 update: I decided "Take Me to That Place will work for WTYT 960 AM Rock as well. Once the professional mixer kicks in my hip hop kind of pop sounds in the background mixed with the rock that I'm working with now this song will work well. I want to stay with this new genre for now, unless it's a video project like I mentioned below. Photo courtesy My Phan on flickr. Practicing One of the End of the Year Releases Take Me to That Place It's coming out nice since I have an interface. I can see what a professional mixer can do with it. And of course my second video for the year, which means more professional mixing and mastering if I'm going to impress MTV as well as radio stations which is expensive, is Let the Tears Flow showing women in comraderie holding hands to the next tears in their life. So that's three more songs mastered this year as well as a video. I use the rewards from my citicard for the videos, so that's not a problem

Rockin' at WTYT 960 AM Rock and Spain's This Is Only Rock Radio #tiorr1 #tiorrplaylist #wtyt960 #lorijean #rock #music

Me rockin' it with DJ's Jez, Zoe, Garrett, J.C., and Rancid with my song " So Groovy " over at WTYT960 AM Rock Station. Also rockin' it at Spain's This Is Only Rock Radio on next months tiorr playlist on tiorr1 . Listen and vote for me please. FB post . At Soundcloud now for download. Twitter And been busy with my tweets!!

Vote For Me! #Billboard #charts #wtyt960 #lorijean #rock

So Groovy Inspired by soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo for kids to get involved with sports and arts.

Valentine Song #gift #lorijean #rock

Here's the valentine gift I made for you, song " Valentine ." I hope you like it. Download, play where you want, share it with your friends. I did register it to protect it. It was mastered with Landr, the free version.

My Story for Gun Violence Survivors Week #neveragainmoments #lorijean #GunControlNow

Link to story.