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"Where Did Cinderella Go?" #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #alternativelifestyle #podcast

 I changed the theme of the 'Cinderella' song in light of Gabby Petito's death. I had bad suspicions it would end up this way. Feeling being an attempted to human trafficking victim I felt biased to include my questionable feeling to her death in this podcast and song that has been rewritten a bit for this as well.  Image by  Djinay Maliko k  from  Pixabay   Listen to the free podcast about the song at Anchor , Spotify , iHeartRadio , Pandora Podcasts , Audible Podcasts , and Apple Podcasts . Free draft of  song " Where Did Cinderella Go? " Lyrics: Verse I get told It's time To give a little of me To leave Cinderella behind Chorus Where's my Cinderella Where did all the familiar go Where’s my Cinderella Where did all the niceness go Where did Cinderella go? Verse Making things like new Pictures Party at five Wind through my hair Head out my window all the time The popcorn The white horse  I chose to ride on Chorus Where's my Cinderella Where did all th

"So Simple" #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #atlernativelifestyle #podcast

  I really found myself caught up in human trafficking this week, especially now with Gabby Petito's death. Let's hope we can simply reach out, take someone's hand, and make them feel better. Free Song " So Simple " Luke Hemmings Tedder's Interview with Human Trafficking Victim (Tedder, he's such a teddy bear) Lori Jean Finnila in the Kitchen Free podcast of "So Simple" here: Spotify , Audible , Apple , Pandora , iHeartRadio , and Anchor . Image by  truthseeker08  from  Pixabay  

"No, No, No" #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #alternativelifestyle #podcast

  I do a cute rendition of a woman trying to fight having sex and remember the sways I learned at the Portuguese Holy Ghost Grounds in Lowell, MA as a little girl. Image by  philpace  from  Pixabay   Free draft of song " No, No, No ." Verse My mind keeps coming Back to you Your words, your breath The way I watch you move Picturing you inside me All free music mastered and registered with BMI here. Listen to the "No, No, No" free podcast at Spotify , Pandora , Apple , Audible , and iHeartRadio , as well as Anchor where it comes out first.

"Safer Than" #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #podcast #alternativelifestyle

  I hope that I can bring positivity to sexual and physical abuse while this pandemic is going on. This song is from some of my personal experiences as well as others. Free draft of " Safer Than " Listen to the free podcast "Safer Than" at Spotify , Audible , Pandora , iHeartRadio , and Apple . And always first at Anchor . Image by  Gerd Altmann  from  Pixabay