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Tagged Tomorrow on XRP Radio with Sponsors B-Squad #lorijeanfinnila #tagged #radio #progressive #bsquad #xrpradio

11- 7 guys UK time. Search your time on the photo. Mine is 11 am tomorrow. Lori Jean Finnila's new progressive music Yeah!!! This hot on your tracks band is sponsoring tomorrow's show with ME played in it. 11:00 am PST starts Come listen, share and thank this hot band. Here’s an album for you… More Is More B-Squad @XRPRadio @TizzyXRP 11-7 pm UK time.

Scheduled Radio Airplay in France Tomorrow #France #RadioAirplay #lorijeanfinnila

France's Radio KC 12:00 pm PST I will be featured, played and promoted tomorrow on France's Radio KC in Airplay Introduction on "The Welcome Show." I submitted "We All Fail Sometimes" and "When the Guilt is Gone" as two eclectic tracks.  I'm so pleased to be played in the home of my royal ancestors. This is the first time for me. Watch for me on their Facebook and Twitter. They're linked to 204 countries with almost 40k followers on Twitter. Please listen in online.

Scheduled Radio Airplay at Spain's Only Rock Radio #lorijeanfinnila

12/08/2019 7:35 Lori Jean @lorifinnila Never Thought Of You 15/08/2019 9:33 Lori Jean @lorifinnila Never Thought Of You 15/08/2019 23:01 Lori Jean @lorifinnila Never Thought Of You 17/08/2019 4:37 Lori Jean @lorifinnila Never Thought Of You #tiorrplaylist #tiorradio1 next 7 days planning Check out our spins and listen us (UTC+1, Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris) Listen on Not sure of the time difference.