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Human Trafficking: The Beginning of It in a Song #newsong "Till Then" #rectified #humantrafficking #sexualassault #God #lorijeanfinnila

 After initial attempts to be taken down in NYC, I ended up home, where it appeared to have started.  Having a best friend refer me to a house where I could rent a room, druggings, creeps in the middle of the night in my bed, and then eventually turned to fondling. I had to desperately try to escape acts that I had no idea where they were coming from, of what I now believe to be steps toward human trafficking. I didn't know about the romanticize step and it wasn't easy to get me past this one to pass me on to others. Feeling desperate and alone I gave in to isolation where I had no support from family and friends or authorities and even had to question their involvement at times being told to go to non reputable bars when I went for help of being drugged by juvenile cops - learning later they were trying to get me pregnant at this point after so many attempts to get me to go meet other people through romanticizing.   I was eventually put in a room with no lock on the door. My p