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Keith Ellis Entertainer (DV Prevention Supporter)

Keith Ellis Entertaining Supports Help Fix the Hurt Foundation

Lori Jean Music on Video


Pia's Records Updated Including True Events with Steven Tyler

I just updated Pia's Records again.

Played by TizzXRP Tomorrov

Being played tomorrow by TizzXRP 11:00 am pat 19:00 UK

FREE So Cold Outside by Lori Jean

So Cold Outside written for homelessness.

My Gift of Hope and Healing to You

Forgiveness for the Soul, Gratitude for Vitamins by me This is what I used to help me heal.

Homeopathic and My Hishimoto's

Homeopathic for my hishimoto. I can feel it so much working in my body. My fatigue and unawareness (I'm sure contributed from my hypoxic encapalopathi-and now as my doctor says neurological damage to my head from my 2010-2011 abuse) has gone away A LOT. I can actually carry on a conversation without my mind wandering. My only regret is not knowing that this would help me sooner.

Anonymous Girl by Lori Jean

This is a song I wrote about a girl put in a group home. Anonymous Girl Anonymous at YouTube talking if her group home.

Pia's Records Film (More Finalized)

A cute short that I wrote integrating my experience with music a bit as a youngster. It is a funny, loving, and heart warming family film. Pia's Records

'Woman Originator' by Lori Jean

'Woman Originator' by Lori Jean. This is something new for me. I think it came out pretty cool.

Lori Jean Synths

Song I'm playing around with.

Replay of Debut

Please relisten to me here. Sorry for the time confusion. the Comeback Surgery Show and god does this Rock - Mixcloud

Debut tom Dr John's Unsigned Radio

Dr. John's Rock Surgery     Whoooo!!! On  from 6:00pm to 1:00 est tomorrow. Yeah!!!