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News Spot for My Museboat Podcast and UK DJ is Wowing Me #excited #healing with #music #lorijeanfinnila

This DJ is hot as heck. Andy and herself made this wonderful news blast for this Sunday at Museboat radio where my podcast on how I healed from healing tips will be aired, along with some of my featured music in it. Please come listen!! You'll love it! Also check about 39 minutes in if you're on a hurry to listen to me, though you'll miss some extremely hot artists before me, to hear me featured on this podcast under " New Champion Radio " for my song " Never Thought of You " that I love so much that I put out on my birthday this year. Though I have so many others of mine that I love to. I look forward to putting out "Cherry Blossoms which I feel is close to this song. Boy this woman DJ, another awesome DJ, DJ Bingo, made me look so good in this song!!

New Spotify Playlist Featured Artist at Museboat Radio #lorijeanfinnila #Spotify #playlist #radio

Please listen in to this new playlis t supporting some great artists including myself. This gives all artists organic listens. Also Friday and Sundays at 2:00 pm PST are great days to listen at with live artists in chat. I'll be there as I'm a featured artist. As well my new Holistic Tips podcast with be featured and air before this Sunday's show at 1:00 pm PST where I share healing tips from my music, nutrition and spiritual healing. Watch for more shows from me there under podcasts and the announcement here.