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Mystic Energy #newsong #thecranberries #lorijeanfinnila

Art speaks to us through writing. When I was studying I had to read into art. It's amazing the connection you make with it. Lets look at art history and see where it took me to write this song.  I started out with artwork, then Rebecca Campbell's mystic power, then I turned to The Cranberries, which is where I ended up. Photo by Kellepics at Pixabay Song The power outside of our hands That we fight so hard to visualize  And in this we find ourselves trapped In order to get there That can lead us to the most open realm Dropping, falling, leaping are in our thoughts As we open our hands to recieive  What is meant to come to us Sometimes it's a place outside of ourselves Or just outside of our control It's within I'm told I'm sure Tell me how you want me to help you I see your lips I read your eyes Your pain is mine Why I'm meant to be here So I don't die But listen to you And your message to me But how did I miss you Listening to you so long  B

"Seeing Myself Again" #newsonglyrics #lovesong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

I just wrote this song inspired by the new movie out called "Love Song." "Seeing Myself Again" Verse So many dusty, cobbly roads  I've walked on I've felt so all alone I came so far Just to see myself I'm seeing myself once again Chorus I'm seeing myself once again It feels so fresh and young and alive I didn't think that I could feel this But I know I can begin again Verse The road has been long The pain has been hard When I lost you I had a broken heart I couldn't see I couldn't feel I couldn't get past the days we spent I live alone I drive too far I talk to myself I ask why I see the stars I hear you call But I know it can only be heaven Chorus Verse I see myself as beauty now once again I think I can feel the warm sun on my skin I drink life with a new taste I appreciate  Chorus

The Ugly Woman #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

I'm up tonight writing this. I guess I'm the artist I need to be and I have to stop kicking myself about it no matter who likes it, that way I don't hurt the ones I really love.  Verse Breathing is necessary Breathing is our privilege I sit in silence and contemplate Am I out of bounds How do I change this if I am Chorus Breathing is free Breathing is to strive But in what way do we breathe How do I make a woman not look so ugly Verse How do I know what I can do  When I'm up late at night  Thinking of all the things I have Is this wrong for me Chorus Verse I wonder my next move Not talking too long or loud I know I can't please everyone Bridge The act of a person  Is like an animal We have to strive  We have to be the artist To understand ourselves  Chorus