The Ugly Woman #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

I'm up tonight writing this. I guess I'm the artist I need to be and I have to stop kicking myself about it no matter who likes it, that way I don't hurt the ones I really love. 

Breathing is necessary
Breathing is our privilege
I sit in silence and contemplate
Am I out of bounds
How do I change this if I am

Breathing is free
Breathing is to strive
But in what way do we breathe
How do I make a woman not look so ugly

How do I know what I can do 
When I'm up late at night 
Thinking of all the things I have
Is this wrong for me


I wonder my next move
Not talking too long or loud
I know I can't please everyone

The act of a person 
Is like an animal
We have to strive 
We have to be the artist
To understand ourselves 



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