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Thursday, July 9, 2020

"So Grateful" #newsong #lyrics #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #grateful

Photo by Řaj Vaishnaw from Pexels

"So Grateful" by Lori Jean Finnila

I look down at my boots below
as I felt my hands
touch the floor inside of me
remembering me on a floor just like this
on drugs

I felt so grateful
as I anguished of that time
to have a home
as my after thought
away from it all

My head would lift
in the dark, my groggy mind
to see things I shouldn't know
as girls disappear right before my eyes


I cringe still today
of the sights
of the moments in my life
the fear still remains

There's so much more to this
the girl's hand I held
still haunts me to this day
when I saw her go down

her body shook like I've known

I felt so grateful
as I anguished of that time
to have a home
as my after thought
away from it all

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Five Characteristics for Characters for the Movie "The Virtuous Woman" #richinwar #song #lorijeanfinnila #52FilmsByWomen

In “The Virtuous Woman,” that connects this story to the song “Rich in War,” I'm naming five characteristics of three characters that start the movie that I'm adding to that I wrote: The dad, the mom, and the grandmother – on the father's side.

They make the setup for the beginning of movie with trouble, later in strength, and ending in resolution for the main character of a young woman who had to leave home at 14 in the 50's named Celia. The bright eyed strawberry blond with light eyes was so eager to life but with many questions unanswered before she ventured the cruel world, sometimes making mistakes when she ventured out on her own but learning from them.

"Rich in War" video produced by Lori Jean Finnila. (The wars of woman.)

Dad: troubled because he was confused, flimsy in his decisions though he didn't see this, determined, insubstantial,

Mom: feeble, delicate, frail, fracturable shivery,

Grandmother: crisp, durable, unbreakable, consistent, able