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Shrill is Over #lorijean #music #song

Ok, I shrilled you guys enough with the crazy version. I smoothed out the base. New Composition Photo courtesy Freebird at

Picture of My Music Award #akademia #lorijean #bestcountrysong

                                                              Lori Jean Akademia

Early Christmas Poem Book from Me #gift #lorijean #xmas

Hi! I made a book of all my new poems to date in a christmas pdf for you! Enjoy! Christmas Book

"You Have the Wrong Girl" #newsong #lorijean #saysitall

New Song I'm working on that says it all. You Have the Wrong Girl By 'Lori Jean' Finnila Humble turns to confusion Sweet smiles become allusions Chorus It's your fantasy Not me You have the wrong girl I was just passing by Verse When you noticed I didn't look Though it may seem to you Your war is not with me Chorus It's your fantasy Not me You have the wrong girl I was just passing by Verse It all became clear You never knew me It was your mind Hoping to be found Sorry for your loss Bridge Your pain Is lost in life I hope you get better for everyone Chorus It's your fantasy Not me You have the wrong girl I was just passing by ###

Getting On Little Doggy #lorijean #pain #nervedamage

Those who are beaten with a strong brain will just get right back on there again, get on again little doggy. Another barrier to break is natural treatment for those who have been beaten that will get right back up on that horse, so to speak. Traditional medicines block us from doing this dragging our perspectives down. I've been inquiring into this as seven years going by and the physical discomforts of mine seeping in as my brain gets stronger to it. Insurance doesn't want to cover it and doctors feel uncomfortable with cannabis, which is a recent method of medical that I've been researching, effective done with care. Why if there's so many victims out there haven't other alternative methods been recognized and practiced and covered? Photo courtesy Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

Having Fun with This One!!! Redo of "How's I Such a Fool" #lorijean #country

Did this one over and combined the two songs for a BLAST of one using "Under the Moonlight with a Bottle of Wine" and " How's I Such a Fool !" Have fun listening to it! It's just a draft and not in time exactly of course because I don't have an interface right now. Get the lyrics!!!                                                 Photo courtesy College Humor

Updated drafts “How's I Such a Fool” and “Under the Moonlight with a Bottle of Wine” #lorijean #songs #updates

How's I Such a Fool Under the Moonlight with a Bottle ofWine Lyrics Below I've been working on my next releases. I still have “You Didn't Even Want Our Baby” album in progress. Please don't think I'm forgetting about that. As a matter of fact, “How's I Such a Fool” is one of the songs on the album, and one of my favorites. I ended up picking this one to work on next as well as the single Under the Moonlight with a Bottle of Wine, which was inspired by Five for Fighting's “She's My Girl,” because I found “My Best Country Song” didn't have strong enough lyrics. I really feel that this is imperative in a song. Even if the music is good, I think great lyrics are very much needed. The order, the story, and the way you want the audience to perceive it. I hope you like the updates. I will be getting a focus rite for my computer. It sounds a bit poopy now, but I know your used to my style and can appreciate my work at any stage. Tha

New Version of Song "Under the Moonlight with a Bottle of Wine" by 'Lori Jean' Finnila and a New Poem

Under the Moonlight with a Bottle of Wine Those Who Wait by 'Lori Jean' Finnila Comfort collects with the touch of glass glistening isn't just for one but for all sparkles dance and bring gesture For it is all known to substance Substance in the air is direction to the following of a gesture that is life to some but not all, to some despair Despair is in the hearts of the unknown one's who can't understand what is happening or what is there to begin with A grace is a place that is not owned An enchantment is a pleasure that is to all One takes pleasures originally It all comes to those who wait. Courtesy Novel Matters