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Saturday, April 30, 2016

#deepakchopra #spiritual #life #lorijean

I'm going to share the most important things for you everyday that I just got from the Hay House Summit and Deepak Chopra  and a monk friend of his on one of his journeys (a bit of it). 

Self awareness, mindfulness
Mediation 15 min. A day
Strive for Excellence in what you do, not money - what you are doing now is the most important thing
Don't look for answers - they will come to you - keep the questions in your mind
Keep life fun

Was an Author Had a Radio Show #pow #music

I was an author, had radio show. Got hurt  by a crazy man. I was left with an indented cave-in mark in my head, couldn't write or do my show anymore, found music. I remembered how it was to me when I was younger. Wham Music Power

#connecting to the #fragilesoul #shakespeareaward #lorijean #videos #music

I'm yearning and looking desperately to share my message of my music through videos to reach the fragile soul. I was once fragile-I think I'll always be. I keep coming back to the time when I saved my mum from pulling bad vials mixed with poisonous fluids that would have hurt her by someone and ran and buried them. I was wounded myself but at such a young age, possibly remembering what they did to me, I knew at about 2 to grab them in a 1-2second instance and bury them in the yard. They dried up and she could never be hurt by them. She always thanked me for this. The special miracle inside of me I want to share. And there are so many other wonderful stories to share of myself and others that I want you to see. 

I actually got the nerve while going over the Hay House Summit material and reverting to The Female Entrepreneurs 'How to Create Success on Purpose' worksheets the (summit will help me with confidence but Carrie Green's worksheets opened up my mind to how important the visual is to me to portray what I'm saying in my music) to post an ad on Craigslist looking for video creators who want to make story videos (of me okay too) for my music for placement on my site and blogs with their credits on it. I could see myself in an office with my studio in the back and the creators in the studio out front creating. Maybe there could be a message in it at the end-like milk is good for you! And for the plain downright hip, funny, and just rock n' roll ones to show my spark, sparkle, and flare. And on stage as well. I love people, I love networking, I was born to perform. I was born an actress. Heck I won the Lane Foundation Shakespeare Scholarship for my special talents. Heck, not only did I make it alive, but I'm entertaining as well. πŸ‘

Where do you sell inspirational videos? Who wants them? Always a business women.

Photo courtesy of MindEdge
The Burning of the Houses of Parliament (1835) by J.M.W. Turner 

Friday, April 29, 2016

#excited #popcorn #movies #music

Good news and bad news! I'll do good news first. You will be seeing more of me live. Yeah! ❤️ I'll be having my hammy self online performing more. I'm getting this cute DVD player and I forgot they play cd's now too. But most importantly is they now take usb drives and sd cards. This is great for me because burning CDs is always a problem for me. Sometimes when I'm done they don't play music. With me being able to just plug in my usb drive AND with their being a nice large screen AND good speakers I can easily load and pick instrumental tracks to sing songs to you. I'm used to not using a microphone now so set up is very easy. Yeah again! Watch for my shows and last minutes. I'll put them here as well.

Bad news is I posted that "What About Good Old Eve" will have a specialist engineer that will master it for iTunes and it will be labeled there like other artists at iTunes. I decided to give you a whole EP from iTunes as a gift, not just one song published. I promise the tracks will still be mastered for iTunes just through someone else instead. The standards will still be good but the option to have that labeled in iTunes is limited for me with this new EP. But I'm sure the second part of this is good news too. I look forward to finishing this project for you. ❤️

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Production of "Oh Lord, Please Hear My Prayer" #lorijean

I've been working on the production of "Oh Lord, Hear My Prayer." I love the new company I'm working with. I love my others as well. With this one there is s glitch I'n having that I have to learn. But the response and down time is great as well as the extra options to compliment that are offered. I actually have my lyrics added to this one. And there is built-in iTunes mastering options. Once I get the glitches out it should be up in a matter of days. I've been trying to keep my singles down to a minimal up at iTunes with each one standing in its own in difference. This new one has more of an upbeat tempo which I've been able to incorporate my originality to rock with a bit of pop in some sounding bells and a few synths. I really enjoyed this coming from being heavily into music in the 70's. My thanks to Meg Myers for vocal inspiration and the movie "Flutter" for inspiration of bells playing at the end.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Still on the #charts!! Please Vote!! 😘❤️πŸ™

I'm still in MuseBoat Radio Charts for "Resurrect My Home." Please vote for me. Resurrect My Home

#videoproduction #fadeoutandaway LP

So excited! I've been working on my choices for 'Fade Out and Away' Practice Videothemes of three of my songs for video production. I want to vamp up my site and song presentations. I picked a cool but simple lyric video for Oh Lord, Please Hear My Prayer. A REALLY cool animated video format for What About Good Old Eve. And a very originally formatted movie style themed 30 second intro video for the title track Fade Out and Away. I'm just waiting for specs to see if they'll fit into these projects. It's so fun making your music fit into themes. I'll have these three if it works out on my main page of my musician website. ❤️❤️❤️πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

Friday, April 22, 2016

#newsinglerelease "Oh Lord, Please Hear My Prayer" #lorijean

Here is a song I wrote and composed today as I had bells going off in my head from the music in a movie I heard. I started thinking about Christ.

Oh Lord, Please Hear My Prayer

It excitedly should be in many music digital stores soon! Also, don't forget to watch for my song, "What About Good Old Eve" coming out as a single as well digitally May 18th. I may be making a video and will do my usual on that day at 3:00pm PST #periscope performance. For this one I'm treating myself to a professionally mastered piece from iTunes by a an engineer specializing in this. It should say this for the first time under a song that I have up at iTunes! Yeah! Birthday present and a milestone gift for me. ❤️❤️ #begoodtoyourself Also I'm excited about the fact that I'm going to submit this same song to the U.K. Charts-which is a first for me. #teensatcrossroads Necer submitted to the charts before. And being in the U.K. gives me a chance to be near my babes, in hopes that I will get your requests or answers out there to perform live. In the end, money for the Teens at Crossroads camp in #Scotland. Yeah again!! I'm working hard and getting closer. Every day is a new dream conquered and I hope my kids are selling there free record. The link is in a bar just top of this post. Ringtones and everything are included there. Go for it! Sell, distribute, burn, design, and create it the way you want. The whole thing is all yours thanks to XRP Radio in the U.K. that supported me. And if you feel to pass around the love of this project worldwide to other  homeless teens to distribute that's up to you. You are our future and you know how hard life has been. You will be our doctors, presidents, princes and princesses, ambassadors and directors, as well as teachers and moms and dads. We can learn the correct way to parent, thrive, and love from you! God Bless!! #homelessteens

P.S. Drink your milk. I'll have my first donation at Quarriers next month. Reach out.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Replay of #musicfridaylive Interview

What an honor to be interviewed by a man who scouts great talent on stages and off. From
artists that have shared the stage with stars such as Taylor Swift, Reba, Blake Shelton, and Loretta Lynn.

Replay Lori Jean Music Interview

#littlegirls release #video #factoryfastrecords

Was just watching this. It brought back memories. I'm so grateful! ❤️❤️ Thxs #factoryfastrecords
Little Girls at iTunes

Little Girls Release Video

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

#whataboutgoodoldeve Highlight #lorijean May 18 WW DigitalRelease #lenadelrey

Catch the highlight to my single release that I'm putting out May 18, 2016. I've been making some songs with the twist of Lena Del Rey. It's been so fun. I love listening to her and I always use my own style and twist of each new musical style that I try of those that inspire me.

What About Good Old Eve

Sunday, April 10, 2016

#secondchance #exboyfriend #lorijean

I was just listening to 'A Second Chance' with Gina Kane about a sociopathic husband. I had been picturing myself with a boyfriend and realized that I couldn't watch movies on a TV screen with a new potential boyfriend. Why? Because my last boyfriend, over 25 years ago, slammed my head against his car. I suffered a minor head injury from it. Freaky. Something I'll have to keep in mind. I don't believe in watching a lot of television because I think it takes away from productive time. If there is a favorite or scheduled show to watch, 2 hrs. tops, I would accept that.

Just a thought to share. Much love! ❤️

Saturday, April 9, 2016

#dancesong #lorijean #bitofhappiness

I was able to upbeat this song. It's looking good. Looking for a new Milestone for my birthday. Did the other early. Perhaps a 'Bit of Happiness' EP?!

How Ideas Evolve and Stay Static within a Tradition #grateful #lorijean #song

(MindEdge- SNHU)

This is how I write magically and incorporate our past into my songs. Learning this connection deeply in school in connection to my writing degree through the study of humanities in art, I've found the deepest measure of magic for spark in my songs.

Grateful! ❤️❤️

Friday, April 8, 2016

'Grandma Farinha' song #lorijean #piano #grandmafarinha

My grandma that would make sure I could connect with the world (my brain from near death seizures-as my other would do too).

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fallin Ur Way #bitch #rain #sun #fun

A fun one for you.

Changes in My Area of Study #lorijean #magic #arts #masters

I'm thinking the importance of me to professional expression of my magic is best found through the study of the definition of art and its meaning. By studying its history with its changes through the meaning of others I find spark. I'm not a structural person and by imitating  structure in this area of study I feel I'm limiting myself. So I will be pursuing a Master in the arts instead. I can still create from what I've learned. Possibly this conclusion is brought forth by my new injuries and the abilities from them to connect with the spirit now-understanding why people write from a spiritual perspective.

Like Arcadia's curriculum yet Penn is more prestigious.

My Heart To My #littlebabies #audreyhepburn #scotland #homelessteens

Not only did I have a vision when I young to help young teen moms but when I saw Audrey Hepburn speak of the love she had for the children she helped I knew I wanted to feel that love too.

Here's the highlight for your album:

#Scotland #homelessteens #iPhoneRingtones #femalesoul #lorijean #rollingstone

iPhone Ringtones for 'Female Soul' EP/CD Project for Scotland homeless teens. 
These might make another good selling market for you. You have distribution rights to these too. 

Hey Kids! #teensatcrossroadscd Ready for Sale #lorijean

Found more too:

Ringtones and songs for teens (#teensatcrossroads) to sell, distribute, design, vinyl, mix, burn, keep the money, and share project with other teens throughout the world thanks to bring power and support to you.

God Bless

I'll promote some or all on Radio and tell where they can be bought. Highlight to Songs

Blown Away #highlight #factoryfastrecords #rollingstone #lorijean

Blown away by my mastered copy I just received for the sound 'Fade Out and Away' that I'm holding for Factory Fast Records.