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Good news and bad news! I'll do good news first. You will be seeing more of me live. Yeah! ❤️ I'll be having my hammy self online performing more. I'm getting this cute DVD player and I forgot they play cd's now too. But most importantly is they now take usb drives and sd cards. This is great for me because burning CDs is always a problem for me. Sometimes when I'm done they don't play music. With me being able to just plug in my usb drive AND with their being a nice large screen AND good speakers I can easily load and pick instrumental tracks to sing songs to you. I'm used to not using a microphone now so set up is very easy. Yeah again! Watch for my shows and last minutes. I'll put them here as well.

Bad news is I posted that "What About Good Old Eve" will have a specialist engineer that will master it for iTunes and it will be labeled there like other artists at iTunes. I decided to give you a whole EP from iTunes as a gift, not just one song published. I promise the tracks will still be mastered for iTunes just through someone else instead. The standards will still be good but the option to have that labeled in iTunes is limited for me with this new EP. But I'm sure the second part of this is good news too. I look forward to finishing this project for you. ❤️


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