Production of "Oh Lord, Please Hear My Prayer" #lorijean

I've been working on the production of "Oh Lord, Hear My Prayer." I love the new company I'm working with. I love my others as well. With this one there is s glitch I'n having that I have to learn. But the response and down time is great as well as the extra options to compliment that are offered. I actually have my lyrics added to this one. And there is built-in iTunes mastering options. Once I get the glitches out it should be up in a matter of days. I've been trying to keep my singles down to a minimal up at iTunes with each one standing in its own in difference. This new one has more of an upbeat tempo which I've been able to incorporate my originality to rock with a bit of pop in some sounding bells and a few synths. I really enjoyed this coming from being heavily into music in the 70's. My thanks to Meg Myers for vocal inspiration and the movie "Flutter" for inspiration of bells playing at the end.


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