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Monday, June 26, 2017

New #MusicMonday Lori Jean at Beyond the Dawn Radio

Being played today! So excited. I'm hoping it's one of my #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond #youthworksongproject songs. I think it is. I believe it's Is it the Time!? But I trust Dawn no matter what she picks. Please stop by and listen 2:00 pm pst and the replay again, I believe at 9:00 on tonight-TDawn will announce this.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sleepy Angel Inspire #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond #lorijean

Sleepy Angel Inspire

Were like little lambs in the fields
Everywhere the wind blows we concede
Every whim that comes upon us
We please

Sleepy Angel Inspire
Make all that rustle go away
Through the whirls of your wind

Images too non appropriate needed to concealment
Non partisan to participation
Or conclusion to be 

Endlessly Infinity soundless
Incumbency blowing your way to me
I can tell you a dream

We are partisan
We are here to please
We are wandering aimlessly
Helpless on our knees
We cry for forgiveness 
I know a dream

All the children
Laughing and playing
They're now free
Come join my way
You can be part of me 
Come follow me

I'm Makin' Lemonade by Lori Jean #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond

Comedy-Abused Beggars Part 3 & 4 #lorijean inspired story

My continuance of my 3 month journey running from abuse starting Jan. 2011 inspired in this story.

Part 3

Part 4

Friday, June 16, 2017

Comedy-Abused Beggars Part 2 #lorijean inspired story

My continuance of my 3 month real life journey running from abuse starting Jan. 2011 shown inspired through this comical story.

Part 2

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Comedy-Abused Beggars #lorijean inspired story

Hi! I started my writing inspired by my 3-month journey on the run from abuse that started Jan. 2011.


My Three Months #runninghomelessfromabuse #lorijean

I'm thinking of writing a series of when I was on the street (1/2011) running from abuse for 3 months after I left my son with his best friend's family, sharing with you all the scary places I stayed and walked while physically fighting for my life. I would map out the exact places I dealt with including very scary day and night warming shelters, the aid I got-and didn't get, and how I started to lose my mind. This was all done when I wasn't in my right frame of mind from the worst of the beatings I was receiving-otherwise I definitely never would have gone this route.

Watch here! Perhaps I'll write a song about it afterwards

Be Free! Be safe!

When I Was Molested #lorijean #lorijeanfinnila #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond

Funny, but finding out the meaning toward me of being a child molestation survivor (from when I was a baby/child-not sure of exact age-I was in a playpen in diapers, mom pulled me away before it got below the diapers) meant that people could rightfully offend me again, expect that I would aid and abett to the groups of this cause, and expect to have a less meaningful life was all supposed to be part of it. I could get the 'best looking' in high school, ride in the prettiest girls in high school parades, date the football player, and wear a pretty dress-that was all. My choices would be known to be limited in partners, education, and my whereabouts.

Not so funny.

I talk about the side effects that I had, or at least thought I was supposed to have. I've found later that the rearing from adults afterwards can be worse than dealing with the actual effects yourself.

It's Not our Problem. It's theirs-the perpetrators-to be left with them.

The laying down with my arms crossed over my chest in a somewhat seemingly experimental position, crazy talks of sexual asking questions in curiosity, and too deep of inner soul searching at a very young age-is all instilled by those covering it up.

I was supposed to be watched all the time-afraid I would give away their secrets, made sure that I wasn't educated enough, (and drugged regularly on a non regular schedule-this made me look off and unbelievable), and kept in a crowd of those who don't express.

Being well educated obviously would make me too believable, ending in crashing the party. Being around those opposing breaks up the groups. Finding comfort and security outside these closed-in bounds leads to freedom and conversation-breaking away.

Be Free!! Fly!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kids! #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond Were Approved at 3rd Largest Streamer

Deezer has approved our EP for streaming. So get out blazing with your sales. Your music will be played next to the greatest artists! Your I'm Makin' Lemonade video should be done soon and up at YouTube and hopefully accepted at Vevo as well. Yeah!! I have high hopes it will be spectacular!!

Teens at Crossroads of America and Beyond page

Teens at Crossroads of America and Beyond - EP by Lori Jean

Hollywood Star Helps Homeless #rhysifans #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond

Hollywood Star Rhys Ifans Ambassador to Shelter Cymru Homeless Services

Hollywood Star Rhys Ifans, paid-cable Epix and feature film Twin Town, is no stranger to charity. He reflects on the pain in his inner soul of over 1000 children on the street in the cold, even with the homeless services he promotes as ambassador for Shelter Cymru.

Though there is a law in place to priority need to a home in the U.K., there is a lottery system in place for homeless aid. Actor Rhys Ifans, Notting Hill, can't face the poor children out on the street. With 350 calls a month, the shelter at times has to warn to limited resources available. Rhys makes it a point for the public to know this, as well as releases his anguish to the problem.

Though Scotland has an every person housing aid, there is still a reported 1500 children homeless. With the official number rising to 5000 at the end of 2015 in temporary shelter, the past Christmas left many without homes period as well. Why is this? Even with a country with the aids for all homeless children, some children are still deciding to live on the streets. Though there are many places available, Shelter Cymru states on their site there is a chance, still, in many places that help may not be available due to lack of space.

With so many celebrities telling their stories perhaps HOLLYWOOD star Rhys Ifans, former Spider-man star, donating his prized Driza-Bone coat to Age Cymru’s Spread the Warmth will help bring the children closer to his resource, Shelter Cymru. Many coats were donated to raise funds for this cause. Rhys donated his full length jacket with a signed photograph and letter of authenticity.

“A child having to grow with the discomfort of insecurity is no place to be, Rhys Ifans says. This situation is “breathtaking” and ashaming.”

She’s Funny that Way star, has a closeness to change when it comes to those suffering globally. He has aided other charities to date: PETA, Teenage Cancer Trust, as well as the cause to uphold Seal Fur Ban.

Fact File - Hollywood Star Rhys Ifans Ambassador to Shelter Cymru Homeless Services

Hollywood Star Rhys Ian from The Twin Towns is no stranger to charity. He reflects on the pain in his inner soul of over 1000 children on the street in the cold, even with the homeless services he promotes for Shelter Cymru.

Actor Rhys Ifans ambassador of homeless charity Shelter. (2016, December 19). Retrieved May 11, 2017, from

2.    Though there are many places available they still state on their site there is a chance still in many places that help may not be available due to lack of space.

Emergency accommodation. (n.d.). Retrieved May 11, 2017, from

3.    Though Scotland has an every person housing aid there is still reported 1500 children homeless.

Mackie, P. (2016, March 15). Welsh homelessness reforms show the way for England and Northern Ireland | Peter Mackie. Retrieved May 11, 2017, from

Homeless children in Scottish cities soars. (2016, December 27). Retrieved May 11, 2017, from

Number of homeless children in Scotland rises to almost 5,000. (2016, April 5). Retrieved May 11, 2017, from

4.    He brings about awareness to his ambassador role with Shelter Cymru for the homeless by adding a donated coat of his, a Driza-Bone, to Age Cymru’s Spread the Warmth.

Hickey, A. (2013, April 18). Rhys Ifans and Welsh celebs donate coats to charity. Retrieved May 11, 2017, from

A. (2012, January 30). Rhys, Rhod and Rhydian Spread the Warmth for Age Cymru. Retrieved May 11, 2017, from

Friday, June 9, 2017

Fairytales of Business #lorijeanfinnila

Chapter One

Being an Entrepreneur
By Lori Finnila

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. But there’s so many benefits that go along with creating and running your own business. For instance, later morning starting hours of your choice, casual activities of your choice included into your business with your clients, and the choice of what you do - which is the most important. How many people use their God given talents?

Charlie and Fred will help you make your decision. They’re entrepreneurs. “Hey, Charlie,” said Fred. “Hey, Fred,” said Charlie. Fred is my coffee man. He’s the one that actually stayed here with me in the business through good and bad times. Everyone else left when I couldn't pay them. “Hey, Charlie!” “Ok. Fred is actually my partner. But he makes good coffee too.”

Look at Walt Disney. He had nine main men, and his loyal brother Roy who stood by his side through thick and thin. You don’t know who Walt is? Walt Disney is the major creator of Disney Movies, including Snow White, shown worldwide. He started out with Mickey Mouse and then continued from there. He had many hard times though.

Many times Walt didn't have money to pay his employees and failed at his company. And even though he started with his original nine men, they ended up going their own way to other prosperous businesses. But the time they worked together was profitable and invaluable as a growing and learning experience. Walt was a creative genius. He cherished the journey and those that worked with him along the way.

“That's true Charlie. That’s why I never left. You’re like a brother to me. What is that, blood is thicker than water?” said Fred. Charlie rolls his eyes. “Yeah. Yup, Fred. That’s it,” said Charlie. So basically, good help is hard to find. And when you can't pay them, it's harder.

It's a dream to own your own business. No boss to listen to. Make your own hours. Decide what your salary will be-don't overpay yourself until you have actual funds going into your bank account though. “Yup. That's you, Charlie. Can't do that,” said Fred. “No, Fred. You can’t,” said Charlie. I used to write many I-owe-you’s. It’s a verbal or written agreement that you’ll pay back money when you have it, but I never had it most times.

You need to cover your capital first. “Maybe you should tell them what capital is, Charlie?” said Fred. “Yeah, you’re right Fred,” said Charlie. Capital is what you need to get the business started. It’s money to get your business off the ground by buying supplies and possible marketing of your business. And even though it feels glamourous to open the doors once everything is setup, you have to remember this has to be maintained, which capital is one of them. You have to pay that money back before you actually make a profit. And the reason some people are in business is to make more money than what they would get to work for someone else. So to forget to regulate your incoming costs and outgoing product can cause a negative balance of money - which means no money instead of making money. Also you’re there to get more credit for the ideas that are being created by you. Take pride and manage well.

“Yup, these can be the toughest things to learn,” said Fred.

“Why don’t we make a list for our readers of what kinds of things you do to be an entrepreneur, Charlie,” said Fred. “Good idea,” said Charlie.”

What business should I pick? (What am I good at?)
Who should I trust to work with? (Mom, Dad, or strangers.)
Who should I contact to get started? (Types of inventory needed, marketing.)
Where will I get the money? (Capital that we spoke of, family, banks, strangers.)
Who are my customers? (And how do I attract them?)
Do I need a bank account? (Saving is always a good idea.)
Most important rules of being a human being. (Being the best person you can be helps.)
How should I spend my profits? (Did I need this money? Island, charity, bills, and/or savings.)

“Ok. So let’s get into it, Fred.”

Chapter Two (to be continued)


n." - Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 27 May 2016. <'s_Nine_Old_Men>.

Fairytales of Business ‘Outline’
By Lori Finnila

Main principle in the middle

Explore the adventures of Fred and Charlie as they take you on an entrepreneurial journey. Learn the responsibilities of owning your own business. Learn the difference of choice and desire.

Chapter 1 - What is an entrepreneur?

A person who creates his own position of work.

Why would I want this?

Sleep late.
Leave work early.
Eat lunch when you want.

Cons: Extra responsibilities compared to a hired job.
In the spotlight more - people look up to you more for answers. This can be tiring for some.

Should I be an entrepreneur?

I could be my own boss.
I could have a boss.

The decision is yours but you might want to read on to see more about this topic.

Chapter 2

If I decide to, what business should I pick?
What am I good at?

List things that mom and dad tell you that you are good at, or even a friend or neighbor, sister or brother, or teacher or guidance counselor. Choosing someone that you’re close to for support is important. You’ll cherish their opinion.

What do I love?

List things that you want to do without being told.

Chapter 3

Who should I trust to work with? (Make this a fun one.)

Should I trust to deal with others that I don’t know?

   Should I only deal with people I know?

Opening the door to the world of those unknown to us is scary. To meet new people is always exciting. There are many good people in the world waiting to meet us. It’s always better to ask a grown up close to us before we do this.

It’s important you pick people that you work with that you can enjoy all day long.
Fred and Charlie work in harmony like the bees.
Line drawing of Fred and Charlie shaped in bees working in harmony.

Fred’s phone rings. Hello. Fred turns to Charlie. Charlie, they’re ready in the boardroom for you.

Okay, Fred. Fred gets up and walks into a large room with framed awards lined on the walls. Many adults sit in chairs lined up around a long rectangular table.

Chapter 4

Who should I contact to get started?


What business people do I need?

   Where is the best place to buy
   Items such as office furniture, and where do I rent an office - do I need an office

What type of inventory? (ie. included - desk at home)
What type of marketing? (ie. included - bike wheels)
How much should I spend? (ie. included - piggy banks, chores)

Should I buy the most expensive equipment or product supply? (Could save?)

Chapter 5

Where will I get the money?

Banks, loan sharks, mom and dad
Extra duties at home and/or in neighborhood
From good and bad characters - compare loans sharks to borrowing from family (sample chapter included.)

Grammy and Grandpa

Grammy and Grandpa are always the ones you can go to the most with no judgment of fault on us. The extras in our lives comes from them. Is business a time to do this? Sure.

Get your family involved. Promise them a piece of the action if they invest in your business.

Chapter 6

Who are my customers?

How do I attract them?

Who needs my services and/or products. The same as the lemonade stands we all have, still holds true. You want to make the best lemonade and get the best spot to sell it in.

Chapter 7

Do I need a bank account?

Stories of money being lost or stolen.
Money is insured in banks.

Saving money is always a good thing. Having your parents or grown up that you live with help you open a bank account or help you find a safe place to store your money is important.

Line drawing of a sack of money being taken from Fred. Fred responds to this.

Chapter 8

Most important rules of being a human being.

Its also good to get along with people.
Honesty to yourself and others is key in being an entrepreneur. If you go against the universe with the magic of the gifts you’ve been given, it can turn against you. Always stay strong in being true to yourself and others. If you get tired or have a bad day, walk away for that moment or a period of time. Take a break.

Getting along with people

Line drawing of Charlie and Fred sailing a boat.

Chapter 9

How should I spend my profits?

You can give your money to charity if you don’t need it. Perhaps your mom and dad are rich and have set you up for life, than charity will work for you.

Buy an island for the family and put a zoo on it perhaps. You could also be extravagant and spend your money on luxuries for your friends and yourself.

“Islands are a good choice right, Fred?” “Absolutely, Charlie.” Picture of Fred’s island is on the wall. “I haven’t done that yet,” says Charlie.

Miss Derser, a twenty-something secretary steps in. “Mr. Charlie the airport is on the phone.” “Ok, Miss Derser. Tell them to hold on,” said Charlie.”

Chapter 10


There’s a bit more responsibility with being an entrepreneur. Business can be hard. Owning your own business is harder.

Charlie walks out of the meeting. Takes the phone from the secretary. “Thank you,” he says and then hangs up.

But the benefits can be well worth it.

Charlie turns to Fred. “What do you say we take the rest of the day off and fly to the beach?”

“Let’s do it, Charlie,” says Fred.

Line drawing of Fred and Charlie waving to the secretary out the plane windows. Ties waving as though the wind is blowing on them. Fans show above their seats, but small.

Line drawing of Fred and Charlie on the utopia island of Fred’s.

The End

Perceptions About Homeless #lorijean #homeless #education

Perception About Homeless

Too many preschoolers from poor families are vastly behind their peers upon entering. Higher quality special education and more special needs classes may help.

Needing education to combat global poverty has been researched for many years now. Those who can provide for themselves make a great difference in their lives as well as to a thriving economy. Too many preschoolers from poor cities are lacking behind their peers and not catching up. They’re already vastly behind upon entering. On top of this, social skills are lacking bringing prominence adding to a factor of fear to crime due to poverty. Statistics show that crime becomes more president to those uneducated and poor--usually being poor comes from lack of education. There is a possibility that high quality special education and better quality preschool education can reverse these statistics.

Why are homeless young not getting education? Stereotype: Poor people don’t value education.

There is a strong association between homeless and withdrawal from education. Perceptions about the homeless population seem to block them from education. Varying sleeping accommodations contribute to sleepless nights. While relationship breakdown is the main factor for homelessness,  the stereotypical alcohol and drugs factor weighs heavily upon their position to thrive, including education. The poorer seem to lack resources to enter school their situation being set aside to needed resources, particularly at the earlier levels of learning. Poor city preschoolers being left without conversing adults to child queries, educational toys and tools for growth and social interaction, are being left behind falling vastly behind their peers and never catching up.

Writing politicians and campaigners can help.

Homeless young people and poor families are not getting an education or quality education. There are too many people not getting education that would bring independency, and governments globally are reliant to support this issue. Economies will eventually fail. Crime will continue to skyrocket globally.

Higher quality preschool education programs will counteract poor city children. Studies from the Perry Preschool study, the Abecedarian study, and the Chicago Child-Parent Centers study show that children stay back 40 percent less and score higher in test results due to better quality education.

The money invested in higher education programs and more resources made available for future preschoolers will save the budget in the long run with less duplicated education needed and to a more independent economical world.

Writing politicians and campaigners can make a difference. Without those not campaigning for change through our governors there will be no change. The numbers of the uneducated is growing. Starting from preschool and never catching up, to the continuance of high school -- where some never graduate, leaving them still in poverty. It’s a vicious cycle.

Contacting your local congress to support bills that help fight global poverty is helpful. The governor has power to make change in the state. Starting at the local level of each state could make a difference in bringing change to aid to break the barriers to education. If the numbers are high enough to pass new bills presented to congress by the public the change to economy will come. The United Nations can network governments globally such as: Workers Uniting and Global Coalition for Peace. Bringing in new networks educating the people of the world is our last hope for social transformation worldwide.

The wealthy is conditioned to thrive with the growing economy, and the few poor who can speak and have escaped the downfall of society upon them bring awareness to make the change, as John Morris, at 16, and Kasey, at 19, or Roque, at 17, speak -- all formerly homeless. Roque’s teacher, Maria Rivera, actually took him in to change his life. Or let’s not forget Anthony,14, who was driven to the street by his abusive stepfather. These stories are in a documentary film, Homestretch by Anne de Mare and Kirsten Kelly, challenging stereotypes to youth homelessness.

When we all gather together in humanity as nations change will come offering the new youth voice and hope.


Fact File

Though there is free education the lack of it exists: not eliminating poverty.
Facts of fifth graders that read on a second grade level. (Washington Post)
Though religion is criticized for its approach with its rules, it’s one way to help the impoverished. Mother Clelia opens her heart to all without discrimination. (NC Register)
Many mothers of all ages aren’t educated to help bring on the generational effect of thriving. (
In closing, though nuns are criticized, the most elite remember their training in education to this day: this is proven. (Guardian)
Stereotypes of the poor have to be changed.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Very Excited! #songs #training #youthworksongproject

Well, I'm very excited! I've determined my time, at least for one year, doing what I love, and possibly two years. You all have probably known that I've had a hard time finishing my degree that helps me with my music-writing. But I found a school that is willing to give me grants to finish my degree bringing in new content for my concentration of now, Teens at Crossroads of America and Beyond youth work song project. I've seen some enthusiasm shown on the page here at the blog for the project in the past and now I'm seeing some unusual but interesting activity on the web of where this project may be going when I search it and my singing name of Lori Jean. I'm looking forward to all of you that are or will be spending time at the Teen Homes that are made and being made from the money generated from the EP of the first release of its kind of the youth song project.

Since my mind is so focused now on the project, this will be my main goal in the future along with the specialty training needed and will continue to receive to get the best songs that I possibly can.

Don't forget kids, pay rent and/or buy your baby brother and/or sister diapers with your youth work song project!!

Much love!

At Spotify 


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Half Asleep: What Can I Do? Finished #teenabuse #shortstory #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond

This man was very handsome. He had the best growing up. He was a football player and I was nominated best looking in my class. I rode in the Apple Blossom Queen parade, a dream I wanted, I was a princess in my mind and felt I was spoon fed. This baby was an heir. It deserved to live and serve as I.

Half Asleep: What Can I Do?