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Well, I'm very excited! I've determined my time, at least for one year, doing what I love, and possibly two years. You all have probably known that I've had a hard time finishing my degree that helps me with my music-writing. But I found a school that is willing to give me grants to finish my degree bringing in new content for my concentration of now, Teens at Crossroads of America and Beyond youth work song project. I've seen some enthusiasm shown on the page here at the blog for the project in the past and now I'm seeing some unusual but interesting activity on the web of where this project may be going when I search it and my singing name of Lori Jean. I'm looking forward to all of you that are or will be spending time at the Teen Homes that are made and being made from the money generated from the EP of the first release of its kind of the youth song project.

Since my mind is so focused now on the project, this will be my main goal in the future along with the specialty training needed and will continue to receive to get the best songs that I possibly can.

Don't forget kids, pay rent and/or buy your baby brother and/or sister diapers with your youth work song project!!

Much love!

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