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Saturday, December 30, 2017

"The Force Comes Again" song clip #newsong #lorijean

I just added some lyrics to the song clip that I've been working on. I think it's neat and almost sounds like a new genre for me but I feel it's more of modern country.


Ooops! Left Out a Track Yesterday #newcomposition #lorijean

Sorry about leaving out a track yesterday and leaving a strong sound too widely open.


Photo Courtesy Poets and Quants

New Composition #lorijean

A new composition I'm working on.


                                         Photo Courtesy Blair School of Music

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Changes to "Are We Just Playing" #newsong #lorijean "The Force Comes Again"

I got cute into it and even changed the name.

The Force Comes Again

What have we got here
what's going on dear

You come and play

What's going on here
what do we have dear
are we just playing

What have we got
when I shut the door

At first glance
I see your dance
Come play longer
longer with me

but then the force comes again
driving us back
where we came from

Is there more
in the morning after

I've escaped the dangerous lunges
coming from others
are we just playing here
the beautiful eyes look scared to see you

but then the force comes again
driving us back
where we came from

So tell me now
in the crowd
am I on your mind
as I sway trying to balance on my feet
you cry, we don't know where the call goes to

but then the force comes again
driving us back
where we came from

Do I make your head spin.....
come home to me
to the unknown
we return to familiar ground
until the new force appears again

spitting up in the air through holes
the dispositions show to fight
for existence
or one may appear
forward and strong
the other wounded and whimpered

but then the force comes back again
we turn around

and head for home

                                         Photo Courtesy Sentient Developments

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

"Are We Just Playing" #newsong #lorijean #love

This is the beginning of a song I'm working on.

What's have we got here
what's going on dear

You come and play

What's going on here
what do we have dear
are we just playing
peek a boo

What have we got
when I shut the door
Is there more
the morning after

Come play longer
with me
so I can see

What's going on here
what do we have dear
are we just playing
peek a boo

So tell me now
do I fit the crowd
am I on your mind
when I'm not around

Do I make your head spin.....

Monday, December 25, 2017

Changes to "Make All the Noise You Want" #christmasgift #lorijean

Make All the Noise You Want

I'm here for you
no matter how many tears
it doesn't matter if you want me to

I'm sitting here right next to you
It's been many years
I want you to know
I've been there too
make all the noise you want

I'm sitting right here
right next to you
make all the noise you want
I'm listening too

Mine's much worse
I've seen it all before
doesn't give me any answers
I can ponder the whole night through
and never find my way

I'm sitting right here
right next to you
make all the noise you want
I've seen it too, oh so many, many times
too many times

I keep a diary
it doesn't help
my phone's cold
I'm reaching out
social links get old

Make all the noise you want
I'm sitting right here
right next to you
listening too


Here's a gift:

Ashes on My Cup by 'Lori Jean' Finnila

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Three-Point Turn to a Woman #women #magic

Three-point turn to a woman:

They stop at what's in front of them,
They turn around to see what's there at them,
and they look to see how they can make their magic.

Photo courtesy of AliExpress.

Monday, December 18, 2017

"Make All the Noise You Want" #newsong #lorijean #thebeatles #help

Wrote this listening to The Beatles Help

Photo courtesy iTunes.

Make All the Noise You Want
by 'Lori Jean' Finnila

Make all the noise you want
I'm sitting right here next to you

I'm here for you
if you want me to
no matter how many
it doesn't matter dear

I know it's been many years
since you've let them flow
I want you to know
rest assured, I've been there too

Mine's been so much more
but maybe if we sit
we can find a way
to reach halfway


I keep a diary
sometimes it doesn't help me
my phone grows cold
social links get old
I'm reaching out for help
Please help me
I'm growing old

Make all the noise you want
I'm sitting right here next to you

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Mary Miglin Ginseng Body Cream #pain #nerves #back #relaxation

I found something else I wanted to share with you for those with those unfortunate injuries put upon you that you didn't do to yourself. It's a ginseng cream. I put it on those curved and straight laser, assumably, injuries cut into my back (no signs of entry-just as the gunshot wound to my head-bullet could still be in there, felt bone pieces in my head after wards) and I felt the injuries light up just like a bengay would but no icky smell and more of a relaxed feeling. I could actually get up out of bed without hobbling the next day from being stationary for so long. I also take a very inexpensive ginseng pill and found an extremely cheap chamomile cream that I put, along at times with the ginseng cream, behind my ears and behind my neck, the chamomile at times in my temple points, and both on feet for all day relaxation. Also an acidophilus at the dollar tree helps with digestion for those with many holes and cracks in your skull from beatings. The bad stuff  swirling around in these areas goes to your stomach and makes you sick - this helps. I have been using a tea with this and ginger in it as well for those of you who have more money. luv ya

Photo courtesy You can find it at Walmart and other stores as well.

Recap of 2017' #newletter #lorijean

Check out my gratefulness for this year!


Saturday, December 16, 2017

"You Have the Wrong Girl" song composition #lorijean #youhavethewronggirl #song

Update on this post: This is the finished song. You Have the Wrong Girl by Lori Jean and being played by Spain's This Is Only Rock Radio Station.


I decided to use a composition which I posted previously, but I fixed it a lot with the gain. It sounds better now. I practiced the lyrics to "You Have the Wrong Girl" and feel I have them lined up beautifully. Now all I have to do is save up to buy the interface and mic. I can find a nice inexpensive one that will work fine. I'm planning in the early spring, late winter to purchase these. I will produce this song next year. I hope this follows along with my theme of sharing my story and my feelings with you that I promised. It's kick ass. We gotta do it right??!! luv ya

Lyrics Again to Song so you can follow along in your own way. Perhaps listen in and see where you'd put the lyrics in the song. Cheat, I start at fifteen seconds in.

                                           Photo Courtesy Flickr Katie Lefevre

You Have the Wrong Girl
By 'Lori Jean' Finnila

Humble turns to confusion
Sweet smiles become allusions

It's your fantasy
Not me
You have the wrong girl
I was just passing by

When you noticed
I didn't look
Though it may seem to you
Your war is not with me

It's your fantasy
Not me
You have the wrong girl
I was just passing by

It all became clear
You never knew me
It was your mind
Hoping to be found
Sorry for your loss

Your pain
Is lost in life
I hope you get better for everyone

It's your fantasy
Not me
You have the wrong girl
I was just passing by

Friday, December 15, 2017

Aids to My Nerve and Back Pains #glucosamine #msm #chondroitin #music #merry #lorijean #highfunctioning

Ok, so my Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Plus double strength, advanced and quick release, has been kicking in. I got it from for those of you needing it for your injuries - I'm sure there's many. I couldn't even walk hardly a couple of days ago when I had to struggle with the heavy loads of food trying to get it home. I had been taking some extra strength tylenol, generic, and refuse to smell of bengay when someone has done this to me. My mind gets stronger so it feels the ripped nerves, damaged muscles, and the least, the cracked back bone across where my abuser kept separating with a knife - I don't care how he did it, it still has an impact. This quick release pill is the deal. I wouldn't suggest a different one because I need the fast acting so I can keep up my pace.

I'm pretty spry and singing definitely keeps my body rolling like a smooth machine being greased to its originality. Along with the extra greasing of these pills, with singing this is workable. I've been taking extra collagen, fish oil pills, and flax seed oil pills. My insurance covers a lot of these. I want to suggest if you're low on money, the dollar tree will carry a lighter version of a lot of these. For a few dollars a month you can have serious relief and function normally enough in your brain until you find the best option for yourself. I know I can't live without the glucosamine. It helps where my head has been hit so many times after a few days without it I could have seizures. So thanks to my music on my merry way!!

                               Photo courtesy Piping Rock.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Grandma Guillebordeau #gorgeousphoto #lorijean

Isn't she beautiful. She married grandpa Jean Baillargeon. My name again. Yeah!!!

Born 1620 - Marçay, Indre-et-Loire, Centre, France

Many Great Grandma's Ago Rouleau Crest, My Granddad, Nicholas Born in Kingdom of France

My many greats grandmother's Crest, Grandma Jeanne Rouleau, who married Nicolas Baillargeon, whom I was named after. My mom was very close to Rose Brule, my great grandmother on my dad's side, her mom Jane St. Laurent, her mom, Zoe Baillargeon.

Maybe my great grandfather was called a cult because we had royalty killed in our family in France in the 1500's, Rouleau and Baillargeon, and repeated in marriage, same names, in the New France, in the 1600's.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Cult by Lori Jean Finnila (Rated R) #movie #finnila

The Cult



A club is formed. Ancestors came from out of the woods of St. Zenon, Canada two to three for the formation. Parties were merry in the club. Children non related began to disappear.

Flash forward to Present.

An affair erupts in one of the cult's loving families. Deceit and lies lead to one of their own unborn ending up in a garbage basket for the cult. The baby's blood is celebrated. The repercussions are insurmountable. It's found out that the baby was of blood and murdered by their own. The grandfather finds out his daughter was always his and that his grandchild was the one murdered. He takes the planned hit for his daughter but too early in another crossfire before telling everyone of the triangle of deceit and vengeance committed upon her was a mistake. He falls on steps in dismay. His daughter reaches to his hand by his side in his hospital bed as he fights for his life in a coma. The nurses keep her away planned by the authority friends of the cult. The father screams out inside himself  to reach to her. She runs continuously trying to reach to him. It's what is done now that changes to this.


Photo courtesy of Palm Beach Coast.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Silence by Lori Jean #silenceissovereignty #lorijean #

Silence is sovereignty.







Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Love by Lori Jean #thelittlegirlinthemirror #isabelle #thoughi'moneless

Poem 'Love' by Lori Jean

Dedicated to Isabelle (Though I'm One Less) and the little girl in the mirror

Love is the wrapping paper
the candy cane on the table
the candle never knowing when it will be lit
the love sign that is a gift.

It's the restless winds that blows outside my window
a TV made of cubes
ice trays bare because they don't exist
dogs barking that await,
pain that is restless another night.

Love keeps you guessing
it grows with you
it pleases
it teases
you never know where it leads.

Love is confusing, mysterious, and challenging.
It lies sometimes within us
sometimes beside us
sometimes inside where we haven't asked of it.

To some love means no answers
only questions already answered
to those who disposition
or suppose it is to be a certain way.

Love can be gay, queer in some ways
the colors to this don't matter.

It's clay that molds us on the rocks
with bubbles to the sea
to turn to foam and wash away
to be remembered.

                                         The year I lost Isabelle.

The little girl who still cries in pain.


Sunday, December 3, 2017

I'm Here Virginia Woolf!! #rescuing #savingthemessage #lorijean

I happened to come upon Virginia's message and the need to relate it:

A Woman Hero to Look Upon

by 'Lori Jean' Finnila

Virginia Woolf feels we have no tradition to draw on.

Whereas the females are basically without a tradition to draw upon,” by Virginia in 1929.

At this moment it made me want to sweep and make this feeling known, or to have a feeling opposite to this. I felt quick in my mind at that moment contrary to this. Though the answers don't come in form, I feel positive it's there-of course in my state this is ordinary. I just need to find it.

I feel here:

  1. is this tradition to draw from
  2. it's so clear, you can't see it
  3. it has to come from me to clear up any confusion
  4. it's a repertua of healing, perhaps always been there, but from me as well, it could be.

I think it's mind. The strongest. Though it doesn't stop physical pain, ordinarily-though I'm one known to this, it appears to move mountains in our minds. The strongest objects that seem to be where it places us with security. I have reiterated this for you, Virginia.

  Brown, Heather. “Contact Us.” The Myriad: Westminster's Interactive Academic Journal, Jacque Dobbins,

Woolf, Virginia. A Room of One's Own. Harcourt, Inc.: San Diego, 1989.


Photo courtesy Hofmeister

Saturday, December 2, 2017

My Mom's Royal Origin #lorijean # #montepalace

She was born in the palace court of Monte Palace in Funchal in Portugal. Farinha and Pereira last names for her parents.

Photo courtesy

My Debutant Great Great Uncle #debutant #BritishIsles #lorijean #St.Laurent

He is awesomely handsome, never seen someone so, except for my son, of course. He is on my great, great grandmother's side, Jane St. Laurent's brother.

My Royal Blood!! #sweden #england #finland #germany

Check out my Great Grandma Rose Asiala, whom by the way descended to a Champion long jumper, Aarre Asiala in Finland.  She married Robert Finnila, my dad's name too, or was, and was originally Fenela. Cool huh. Keep you posted for more.