The Cult by Lori Jean Finnila (Rated R) #movie #finnila

The Cult



A club is formed. Ancestors came from out of the woods of St. Zenon, Canada two to three for the formation. Parties were merry in the club. Children non related began to disappear.

Flash forward to Present.

An affair erupts in one of the cult's loving families. Deceit and lies lead to one of their own unborn ending up in a garbage basket for the cult. The baby's blood is celebrated. The repercussions are insurmountable. It's found out that the baby was of blood and murdered by their own. The grandfather finds out his daughter was always his and that his grandchild was the one murdered. He takes the planned hit for his daughter but too early in another crossfire before telling everyone of the triangle of deceit and vengeance committed upon her was a mistake. He falls on steps in dismay. His daughter reaches to his hand by his side in his hospital bed as he fights for his life in a coma. The nurses keep her away planned by the authority friends of the cult. The father screams out inside himself  to reach to her. She runs continuously trying to reach to him. It's what is done now that changes to this.


Photo courtesy of Palm Beach Coast.


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