Mary Miglin Ginseng Body Cream #pain #nerves #back #relaxation

I found something else I wanted to share with you for those with those unfortunate injuries put upon you that you didn't do to yourself. It's a ginseng cream. I put it on those curved and straight laser, assumably, injuries cut into my back (no signs of entry-just as the gunshot wound to my head-bullet could still be in there, felt bone pieces in my head after wards) and I felt the injuries light up just like a bengay would but no icky smell and more of a relaxed feeling. I could actually get up out of bed without hobbling the next day from being stationary for so long. I also take a very inexpensive ginseng pill and found an extremely cheap chamomile cream that I put, along at times with the ginseng cream, behind my ears and behind my neck, the chamomile at times in my temple points, and both on feet for all day relaxation. Also an acidophilus at the dollar tree helps with digestion for those with many holes and cracks in your skull from beatings. The bad stuff  swirling around in these areas goes to your stomach and makes you sick - this helps. I have been using a tea with this and ginger in it as well for those of you who have more money. luv ya

Photo courtesy You can find it at Walmart and other stores as well.


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