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Ok, so my Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Plus double strength, advanced and quick release, has been kicking in. I got it from for those of you needing it for your injuries - I'm sure there's many. I couldn't even walk hardly a couple of days ago when I had to struggle with the heavy loads of food trying to get it home. I had been taking some extra strength tylenol, generic, and refuse to smell of bengay when someone has done this to me. My mind gets stronger so it feels the ripped nerves, damaged muscles, and the least, the cracked back bone across where my abuser kept separating with a knife - I don't care how he did it, it still has an impact. This quick release pill is the deal. I wouldn't suggest a different one because I need the fast acting so I can keep up my pace.

I'm pretty spry and singing definitely keeps my body rolling like a smooth machine being greased to its originality. Along with the extra greasing of these pills, with singing this is workable. I've been taking extra collagen, fish oil pills, and flax seed oil pills. My insurance covers a lot of these. I want to suggest if you're low on money, the dollar tree will carry a lighter version of a lot of these. For a few dollars a month you can have serious relief and function normally enough in your brain until you find the best option for yourself. I know I can't live without the glucosamine. It helps where my head has been hit so many times after a few days without it I could have seizures. So thanks to my music on my merry way!!

                               Photo courtesy Piping Rock.


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