I'm Here Virginia Woolf!! #rescuing #savingthemessage #lorijean

I happened to come upon Virginia's message and the need to relate it:

A Woman Hero to Look Upon

by 'Lori Jean' Finnila

Virginia Woolf feels we have no tradition to draw on.

Whereas the females are basically without a tradition to draw upon,” by Virginia in 1929.

At this moment it made me want to sweep and make this feeling known, or to have a feeling opposite to this. I felt quick in my mind at that moment contrary to this. Though the answers don't come in form, I feel positive it's there-of course in my state this is ordinary. I just need to find it.

I feel here:

  1. is this tradition to draw from
  2. it's so clear, you can't see it
  3. it has to come from me to clear up any confusion
  4. it's a repertua of healing, perhaps always been there, but from me as well, it could be.

I think it's mind. The strongest. Though it doesn't stop physical pain, ordinarily-though I'm one known to this, it appears to move mountains in our minds. The strongest objects that seem to be where it places us with security. I have reiterated this for you, Virginia.

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Woolf, Virginia. A Room of One's Own. Harcourt, Inc.: San Diego, 1989.


Photo courtesy Hofmeister


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