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Monday, June 27, 2016

Stats for My Upcoming Performance at The Mint LA #themintla #losangeles #august #2016 #lorijean #rock #factoryfastrecords

Well I have my stats for my upcoming show at The Mint LA in 6010 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035. I know I start at 8:00 pm PST and I have a 30 minute set. It's going to be hard deciding songs.

Posing #lorijean

One full
One headshot

#openmic #hotmammaswings #lorijean #eugeneoregon

@NYCFactoryFast @hotmammaswings Tues Open mic #eugeneoregon #fadeoutandaway #lorijean
Fade Out and Away by Lori Jean Intro video

#theshiftmusic Radio AirPlay #teensatcrossroads Song Project #homelessteens #love

The Shift Music (@the_shift_music)
Great artist now playing on - 'What About Good Old Eve' by 'Lori Jean' @lorifinnila . #online #radio

#teensatcrossroads Song Project #homelessteens @AppleMusic.

Join Me #songsmith #musicmotel #rockgreats #pastandpresent #qstarradio #hamiltonradio

Join me tomorrow listening to DJ Songsmith and musician Dennis Holseybrook listening to some great tunes from 1-5pm PST streaming both through Q Star Radio and Hamilton Radio. Always a great show.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Very Good Morning #seriouspossibilities #lorijean

Got a bite from the movie industry-could just be small as in credits and or stature, but work well done from my end. Had enough confidence for more radio submittal yesterday. Followed by possible prospects of a female guitarist. Business venture with one of my songs that I'm seriously excited about and will definitely move me up the ladder, hopefully I can share here soon. Much love. Keep you posted.

Craigslist Room Post #femaleguitarist Wanted #lorijean

I've had some interest for elite open mics and 1 prominent interest venue in Southern California. To have a place to rent, even temporarily, in CA would be better for me. If anyone knows of anything or has something safe for me please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. I'm also looking for a female electric guitar player to work with out there. Many thanks. Please find more information at the ad link below.

Lori Jean

Monday, June 20, 2016

Ok Pooped #18songs #lorijean #practice

Just practiced 18 songs. Ew pooped. So good for my head though. Did the 10 for the upcoming album, which one is on a compilation release July 26-Just Like Yesterday, my 4 ballads, added She Finds the Chords Herself, and three from my #teensatcrossraods song project What About Good Old Eve, Wave Away Oh Oh Little Girl, and Johnny's in Mars. I have a great collection and I'm ready for anything. Will do Wave Away Oh Oh Little Girl, Little Girls, and Just Like Yesterday at the open mics this week permitting time. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me #cake #waterfall #newradio #ullplay

Had a great day today. Catch some photos. Got another new radio station that will be playing me. Yeah! Don't forget to listen to me tomorrow on #newmusicmonday at Beyond the Dawn Studios

"Lori Jean Ballads"

Lori Jean Ballads

Grandma Farinha
Jesse's Song
When Aesop Made Abel - (#teensatcrossroads)
Though I'm One Less

Saturday, June 18, 2016

"21rst Century" Sharing and Enjoying my Bday withYou #gift #lorijean #birthday

Me #littlegirls #hamiltonradio #mylittleraisins #dressesoverthetop

Join Me Today as I share a Bit of Early BirthdayCheer #hamiltonradio #qstarradio #beyondthedawnradio #lorijean #france

Today 1-5 pm PST with DJ Songsmith at Hamilton Radio or Q Star Radio join in and listen to great rock. Hear my birthday announcement, maybe a song from me, some from Songsmith, Dennis Holseybrook, along with a lot of classic rock 70's. Then Monday #newmusicmonday with a song from me in there at Beyond the Dawn Studios. Worth waiting for and a lot of replays. Watch for my birthday celebration 21 Century audio here as well as some neighborhood performances coming up listed under events. Watch for me on Adfresco Radio. Cheers!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lori Jean Releases "I Put on My Gloves" on New CD Featuring Guest - PR4US

Lori Jean Releases "I Put on My Gloves" on New CD Featuring Guest - PR4US

MusixMatch #top40 #IPutonMyGloves #lorijean

This song was picked to put lyrics to. I just added them. Here's a copy until they get added.

It's just what it is
I know now for sure.
Life just happens
Shit is what it is

My battlegrounds are ready
I put on my gloves
I would lay there and never disagree
Try to please close my eyes
Never letting anybody
touch or reach me

You want to fight
You want to take away my right
You may have won
But I have just begun

I walked a road
Crossed a path
When someone came into my life
And pried my life apart

You took something so valuable from me
I knew right from the start
That's when it all happened

I would lay there and never disagree
Try to please close my eyes
Never letting anyone reach me

I would try to please
Without a fight from me

I let myself die
I let myself go
I walked in numbness
I didn't know what else to do

I would lay there and never disagree
Try to please
Close my eyes
Never letting anyone reach me

But the fight is on
I have put my gloves on
The fighting has just begun

But the fight is on
Though I did it to myself
I won't be sorry from now on
It's just what it is
I know now for sure

I sit here
scrawled up on my bathroom floor
Without a friend

But somehow


Somehow I feel more.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lori Jean FREE Music with No Account

For those of you that don't have an account with Google to get the free music:

Bound Unhelped

Anonymous Girl

Prisoner of My Life

World for Me

My Seat on the Bus

I wanted to share with you guys the journey on my seat on the bus. I'm replying to an invitation to The Wimen's Coalition.

Hi there,

Here's the link to my petition. Thanks.

I was drugged and raped stemming from abuse when I was single. That's where my story started from in the courts, medical, and authorities. But this started all the way back in the 60's in my home when we were fighting for a seat on the bus.

Much love!

Portugal Radio AirPlay Where is She?

This seems to be my tribes most interest. I will try to address these. I'm pretty happy with all the AirPlay I've been getting on Q Star Radio and Hamilton Radio simultaneously. I'm pleased my wording to my life and its representation is coming out so well. I've found many deeper gifts that I have through this whole process that I hope you all will support as well as go on my journey with me. It's a great big new beautiful ride for me. And even if you're afraid to sign please keep in your hearts it's still sad in America that we can't comfortably reach out when abused because of the backlash or even more so to our kids automatically being taken. We don't have to sit in the back of the bus anymore. Please help continue to make these human changes. We're not inhuman after all. Sorry if some of this post isn't completely literate. I was healing from a gunshot wound to the head which will be there for the rat of my life. No Child Will Be Taken Away From Reporting Abuse

Friday, June 10, 2016

Begin the Celebration With Me!! Ends April 30th

Begin with me now!!  Celebrate 🎊

Portuguese Singer and Songwriter, Lori Jean, has been picked and displayed by music media while being discovered as a top charts artists for her songs, "Resurrect My Home" and "What About Good Old Eve," and as a solo artist by Factory Fast Records. After so many years, the true essence of who she really is is revealed in a solo CD titled "Lori Jean" being released by Factory Fast Records this year. Watch for her performances in LA and West Hollywood.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Song List Finalized #leanandmean Coming to You!!

You'll be so excited:

Just Like Yesterday
Grandma Farinha
Fade Out And Away
Resurrect My Home
A Little Love From You
I Put on My Gloves
Little Girls
Under Your Pillow
Unique Harmony
Two of a Kind

Great Day for Just Like Yesterday

Now in Qstar Radio

Just Like Yesterday

Singing Some of My Songs #thebarnlight #eugeneoregon #august2016 #lorijean #factoryfastrecords

Fade Out and Away

I Put on My Gloves

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sad and Confused #gameplan #goal #onegoodnews

I'm definitely getting some big bites and or replies to booking performances for myself I guess you could say at some very very nice reputable places that the big names in rock and roll and entertainment careers in general have started at. My problem is 'THE' problem. How long do I want to go about the struggle like this surrounded by the nature of 'abuse' toward women at every corner by feeling like I have to walk away leaving things half done for a supposed betterment to today. My last instinct is to always have control and just make the situation mine. Which is of course opening my own venue? But do I want to continue to fight this way with these same methods, feeling physically forced and tired to it? Does it really make me stronger and things better. I need to feel I'm doing something worthwhile and nourishing. And while I let the universe, and search, to its control, I'm still finding this problem occurs with no answer. You can't even set up a game plan of action to completion to goals with this happening. :(

Good News
For the many who liked Ned Euphorya and my song, "She Finds the Chords Herself", it is being released again worldwide digitally. My abuser stole our money last time as he has been doing with my  stuff  for many thousands of dollars as I had reported through digital means claiming to be the authorities and following me and getting away with it for years. I'm hoping since I published it out of the country this won't happen. I'll post here when it's up. Meanwhile please enjoy the highly respected channel that it's on at Vevo. She Finds the Chords Herself

Monday, June 6, 2016

Ok Guys!! Finished Mastering #uniqueharmony #factoryfastrecords #lorijean #thebarnlight

Complete digital file is with the producer Factory Fast Records of my solo CD coming out. I've been practicing full sets of the songs since yesterday. I don't know if any of you have been following my live video shares on FB, Periscope, Twitter, and Instagram. I have the replays there. I wasn't sure how soon I would be doing the whole playlist, but I had a #70'sExplosion party leading into the 80's and 90's last nite and it brought much physical energy today. I'm off to a good start. Feeling good. Vocals strong. My last song is mastered. Download I'm taking an easy class in college starting next week. Looking for a room in Cali right after my Aug 20 show. Let me know if you know of anything. Off to look.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Factory Fast Records Present Portuguese Singer and Songwriter FREE Live Event

Factory Fast Records Present Portuguese Singer and Songwriter FREE Live Event: Portuguese Singer and Songwriter, Lori Jean, has been picked and displayed by music media while being discovered as a top charts artists for her songs, 'Resurrect My Home' and 'What About Good Old Eve' and as a solo artist by Factory Fast Records. After so many years, the true essence of who she really is revealed in a solo CD titled 'Lori Jean' is being released by Factory Fast Records this year being performed for the first time at Eugene, Oregon’s ‘The Barn Light’ at 545 East 8th Avenue in the Event room from 3-5:00 pm PST. There will be singing, CD signing (some CD’s will be available for purchase or bring your own for signing), questions answered and storytelling. Link information for purchases of the CD will be announced closer to the performance date.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Still on Charts! Vote PleaseπŸ™ #museboatradio #factoryfastrecords #lorijean #resurrectmyhome

I'm still in the top 100's on MuseBoat's radio chart for Resurrect My Home as well as a featured artist. Please keep voting for me to keep me on there. Song is being released on solo album with Factory Fast Records this year.

Facebook Post

#portugal #grandmafarinha #factoryfastrecords #heholdsmeright

A couple of songs that are going on the album release this year with Factory Fast Records.

My grandmother's song.  Grandma Farinha

This is something I was playing around with and it actually turned into a song.  He Holds Me Right