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I'm definitely getting some big bites and or replies to booking performances for myself I guess you could say at some very very nice reputable places that the big names in rock and roll and entertainment careers in general have started at. My problem is 'THE' problem. How long do I want to go about the struggle like this surrounded by the nature of 'abuse' toward women at every corner by feeling like I have to walk away leaving things half done for a supposed betterment to today. My last instinct is to always have control and just make the situation mine. Which is of course opening my own venue? But do I want to continue to fight this way with these same methods, feeling physically forced and tired to it? Does it really make me stronger and things better. I need to feel I'm doing something worthwhile and nourishing. And while I let the universe, and search, to its control, I'm still finding this problem occurs with no answer. You can't even set up a game plan of action to completion to goals with this happening. :(

Good News
For the many who liked Ned Euphorya and my song, "She Finds the Chords Herself", it is being released again worldwide digitally. My abuser stole our money last time as he has been doing with my  stuff  for many thousands of dollars as I had reported through digital means claiming to be the authorities and following me and getting away with it for years. I'm hoping since I published it out of the country this won't happen. I'll post here when it's up. Meanwhile please enjoy the highly respected channel that it's on at Vevo. She Finds the Chords Herself


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