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UPDATE “Under the Moonlight with une Bouteille De Vin” Play Sample #lorijean #play #song #lorijeanfinnila

The song will have the title change for the play. Under the Moonlight with Riunite at Soundcloud. I'm using more of my songs that I 'm writing for the play.  “ Under the Moonlight with une Bouteille De Vin” Play by Lori Jean Finnila A MODERN FAIRY TALE IN THE 1800'S Inspired by true events. Details have been changed. INTRODUCTION There once was a half French and half Scottish girl, young and brave. Coming from a long line of prostitutes from her ancestors, and her great grandpa and grandma getting married at ages 10 and 11 because of pregnancy, Linda was chosen as a breed to royalty aside from this, and to eventually take her from this. She fought hard for herself in a land unknown to her, in a land not wanting her. But in her land there were great fights to her people that was moving in on her. She was the last to their royal blood, well bred and chosen at 15 months of age, she was separated by her wicked mother and family. Sam

New Poem "Cat in the Wall" by Lori Jean Finnila #poems #lorijean #lorijeanfinnila #songs

My poems eventually turn to songs by part or whole. "My thoughts are my gifts." Lori Jean Finnila Cat in the Wall A trapped cat inside of a bag needs holes to breathe. Hearing this first thing in the morning is disturbing. Was it in my attic? I looked to see if I had one I knew I didn't I had to retrace my mind. My fear for this cat persisted on the toilet in my mind in the wall Can a hat hide in the wall? More importantly, can someone put a cat in the wall? Now... how wide is the wall? Is there an opening? Is there another area of the building that hides cats? Aah, I see it in the courtyard. Photo courtesy PBS.

New Poem "A New Cycle of Life" by Lori Jean Finnila #lorijean #lorijeanfinnila #poems

New Poem and Updated One 10/19 A New Cycle of Life by Lori Jean Finnila The horns are blowing to the sky fold innocence is crushed below. Screaming, peeks through the night I can see from eight floors up. Those crawling, begging, pleading wishing they were where you are. Tap, tap, tap rattle, rattle, rattle it brings uncertainty. Prays and yelps from the church swings that bring new delight the whale calls stomp, chuckle tap, tap, chuckle tap, tap again a smile begins. The wind moves with no explanation it's strong shook my windows last night I feared the cold. The trees at the tops blow around pointed buildings blend with the rain tap, tap again the man below smiles. ### The Crazy Sun Shines Poems by Lori Jean Finnila 1rst the trees, brash with leaves they will not fly away tonight chocolate sprinkles are sweet small,

"Under the Moonlight with Riunite" by 'Lori Jean' Finnila #newsong #single #lorijean #lorijeanfinnila

My second song. My second song I found out of anguish to finish a degree with high honors that I've been hiding attaining. One that offers me much torture to attain because of the high marks that have been found out about since my move. I say my second song because the full expression of my art in lyrics is seen in “ She Finds the Chords Herself ” that I gave to Ned Euphorya to compose for me and is the first gift of full expression. And I had such a hard time forming the words to such magical thoughts that I had mapped out in my book “ The Virtuous Woman .” Now because I've come pass the process of death, murder actually, of my unborn child at 17 at 5 months pregnant, thinking of her first and then writing, I show my gifts more, hopefully in full, I feel now not always thinking of her subconsciously and never reaching the full extent of my gifts. I had a hard time letting go of the first song – but I don't want to die a Van Gogh or other famous artists discovered after

Short Clip of last year's Gala Rose Bowl Akademia

Last year's gala event. So excited!! Can't wait! I want to wear red. The Akademia 2016 Gala Short Video via @YouTube

"Update" The Akademia Music Awards Rose Bowl Gala Sponsors #lorijean #rosebowl #gala #awards #bestcountrysong

Update! I'm sorry. Gold and Arrow gave me the wrong information. So sorry. Hello! So excited to be announcing my hair sponsor - the first sponsor booked. I will be announcing others as they come up. The event isn't until April 19th of next year but I'm working hard to look my best and represents myself and my fans that way as well. I want it to be a princess night to remember. I've been thinking about designers and already contacted my lifelong dream of one - waiting to hear!? I will let you all know more. Much love. Hair: Gold and Arrow of Portland, OR

"You Didn't Even Want Our Baby" Updated Lyrics #lorijean #youdidntevenwantourbaby

I just watched "Woman in Gold" and it made me want to revise my song You Didn't Even Want Our Baby by Lori Jean Finnila It was 10/31/78 One dark Halloween day You took me from school All the fun parties and everything I knew You drove me to one dark tall building Statuesque but dark  Filled with other little girls There might only be one Maybe three But I know someone will thank me for my empathy There's no statutes on pain One woman is many crying in vein Of our rights to our bodies lost one day Chorus You weren't there  When I'd talk about the baby's hair  What he or she would wear Baby You Didn't Even want our baby Verse She ended up in a barrel instead When I was bolted down by two men I cry myself to sleep now So many nights when I see my hair and your eyes in my baby  When she comes to me I was only a virgin and you took my dream away Bridge Though I was drunk One

Poem of the Day by Lori Jean Finnila

Hey there, another poem by me. 10/7 Flower still be still for me under the sheet cornered on the chair Your pink and white blue, dark green detailed crisp shadowed by edges cornered by rounds enveloped in some grayish at times drifting lovely below like a fall the completion at the end jumps up again                                                        Courtesy Flora Flowers 10/9 three lines cross six though the third is a quarter of the way here the second is half the third almost full shown but separated by a fourth that shows at the bottom six show like church pipes the dip points to the corner window as the sun shines in                                                       Courtesy Troy Selberg

"My Best Country Song" by Lori Jean Finnila #lorijean #newsong #lyrics

Just finished another new hippy type country rockish song lyrics a few days ago. Wanted to share it with you. Will probably be a faster tune than what I've been working on - more towards "Is It the Time." I know I said my next song would be to that, "My Dirty Draws," but it turned out more for "You Didn't Even Want Our Baby" because it talks about times when I lived in the woods trying to survive on nothing. These last two, "How's I Such a Fool," and this one is a good old funny and fast country song reminiscing about the good ole' times. My Best Country Song by Lori Jean Finnila 1rst Verse Let's turn the radio on hear my music It's gonna be a hit It's gonna be hip I think this might be my best country song 2 nd Verse I heard Jagger made the cover again I keep sending mine in Am I too old to be a rolling stone Waiting for my picture to be on the magazine 3 rd Verse

Poem of The Day by Lori Jean Finnila #poems #lorijean

10/5 the trees brash with leaves they will not fly away tonight chocolate sprinkles are sweet small, poignant are they crisp delight is ecstasy corners are sharp edges are dull circles are round                                                        Courtesy Cloudb 10/6 Wheels turn The morning breaks Thumps on the roof Remind me of this Cars, trucks or at least motors Rustle in the streets Slacks of sheets so slick take the air Sand dumps engines roar another city morning                                                    Courtesy WallspaperCraft