UPDATE “Under the Moonlight with une Bouteille De Vin” Play Sample #lorijean #play #song #lorijeanfinnila

The song will have the title change for the play. Under the Moonlight with Riunite at Soundcloud. I'm using more of my songs that I 'm writing for the play. 

Under the Moonlight with une Bouteille De Vin” Play

by Lori Jean Finnila


Inspired by true events.

Details have been changed.


There once was a half French and half Scottish girl, young and brave. Coming from a long line of prostitutes from her ancestors, and her great grandpa and grandma getting married at ages 10 and 11 because of pregnancy, Linda was chosen as a breed to royalty aside from this, and to eventually take her from this. She fought hard for herself in a land unknown to her, in a land not wanting her. But in her land there were great fights to her people that was moving in on her. She was the last to their royal blood, well bred and chosen at 15 months of age, she was separated by her wicked mother and family.


                 Photo courtesy of tamarar.deviantart.com.


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