"You Didn't Even Want Our Baby" Updated Lyrics #lorijean #youdidntevenwantourbaby

I just watched "Woman in Gold" and it made me want to revise my song

You Didn't Even Want Our Baby by Lori Jean Finnila

It was 10/31/78
One dark Halloween day
You took me from school
All the fun parties and everything I knew

You drove me to one dark tall building
Statuesque but dark 
Filled with other little girls
There might only be one
Maybe three
But I know someone will thank me for my empathy

There's no statutes on pain
One woman is many crying in vein
Of our rights to our bodies lost one day

You weren't there 
When I'd talk about the baby's hair 
What he or she would wear
Baby You Didn't Even want our baby

She ended up in a barrel instead
When I was bolted down by two men
I cry myself to sleep now
So many nights when I see my hair and your eyes in my baby 
When she comes to me
I was only a virgin and you took my dream away


Though I was drunk
One too many came from you 
Yelling at me not to make too much noise when I was young 
The balloon to keep you from me
Still didn't let me know 
How much you didn't love me


Now many years later my back aches 
I crawl on the floor from those I let beat me

Some say you weren't a full man then
Yet you were of age when
The blame was put out on me for
Ever lovin' you or letting you shine your light my way


Baby, I was just a little girl and I'm still in bereavement.


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