"My Best Country Song" by Lori Jean Finnila #lorijean #newsong #lyrics

Just finished another new hippy type country rockish song lyrics a few days ago. Wanted to share it with you. Will probably be a faster tune than what I've been working on - more towards "Is It the Time." I know I said my next song would be to that, "My Dirty Draws," but it turned out more for "You Didn't Even Want Our Baby" because it talks about times when I lived in the woods trying to survive on nothing. These last two, "How's I Such a Fool," and this one is a good old funny and fast country song reminiscing about the good ole' times.

My Best Country Song
by Lori Jean Finnila

1rst Verse
Let's turn the radio on
hear my music
It's gonna be a hit
It's gonna be hip
I think this might be
my best country song

2nd Verse
I heard Jagger made the cover again
I keep sending mine in
Am I too old
to be a rolling stone
Waiting for my picture
to be on the magazine

3rd Verse
Ew, shush
I hear the crowd
I think it's signing up for me
That's loud!
Oh no, it's a big star
right before me
back to square one being me

4th Verse
My best country song
isn't about Sally
Isn't about Sue
Isn't about what Bob will do,
oops! For you
It's about me

It's me
I'm here pouring the beer
trying not to get too drunk
trying to keep my pants
from fallin' down
and my shirt from goin' up
I just need longer lines

I'm not hip
I'm not shy
Just wanna be a rock star
country's fine

I'm just takin' care of me and mine


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