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Lori Jean Finnila Streaming

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Meaning of "Just LikeYesterday" #groovetramp #factoryfastrecords #lorijean #foundit

I apologize for not having this out earlier for the song that was released July 26th. I had it under lyrics and thought that I had lost it and felt I couldn't recreate this again. Here it is and I hope you enjoy it.

With familiarity of everything you’ve once known and believed in, it makes it so easy, especially when you’re looking back on 20 years or more, to look at love or a situation you once felt comfortable in as your haven of the past that still sits with you. Of course, you have to rationalize the fact that your realm of the past can be miles away from the thoughts of those or a situation you once knew.

But when reading or listening to music (reflecting back), we can’t help but to summon upon those special moments that were part of our growth and or growing that contributed to our life; they are ours by all means. Though the past can clash with thoughts to our realm of today, we need to keep them close to our hearts and minds and cherish what they have given to us rounded into our personalities.

The feelings that are so deep and instilled in us have become ours, and no one else’s.  Though they can never be taken away from us, they also can never be viewed the way we do-but we also have to realize that they are fully ours. We can connect at times with others on the same level to them, even in the same way. But what we feel inside is always ours.

I want to thank Leon Russell for being one of the greats that inspired and reached my soul in my mind to be able to create this song.

"Lady Blue"

"Just Like Yesterday"

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Coming Up 1:30pm PST #radioairplay #hamiltonradio #qstarradio #lorijean

Coming up soon guys! Let's see what song Dennis Holseybrook  @Songsmith1 picks.

On My Way to Spain

I found a venue that wants to book me. More details to come.



Don't forget to listen to me today on Hamilton and Q Star Public Radio. 1-5pm PST 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Help Hamilton Radio go to iHeart Radio

Help Hamilton Radio who has seriously worked towards making me a household name get picked up by iHeart Radio and possibly Sirius next.

Follow this link for more information and/or just email them at requesting them to accept Radio.

Reasons for My Youthful Reactions #lorijean #herjourneytohermusic

I think I finally figured out why I would stand on my head when my mother had guests between the kitchen and living room in the doorway almost the entire time they were there, sit up in trees for hours, and repititiously as a toddler play the pink toy piano that we had in the house. I finally got to the point that I jumped up and down on my bed at bedtime with my ears covered singing as loud as I could. I GOT punished for that one.

I eventually had the pink piano taken away from me. :((( We couldn't afford  instrumental lessons, and I was discouraged or not allowed at school. I was feeling trapped from my gifts.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Italiano 'Lori Jean' 'Hamilton Radio?' Liking this

I don't know what this is but I found this. Played in Italy or on an Italian radio show steaming in?! Nice surprise. I'm going FAR out. No wonder where that Top40Charts is coming from. See you tomorrow.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Coming up bottom of hour 2:30 pm PST 8/23 Another New Song "Pink Piano" for PossibleAirPlay #hamiltonradio #qstarradio

Wrote and composed this today with possible play Tuesday or Thursday, whichever day DJ Holseybrook, Songsmith, works at Music Motel on Hamilton and Q Star Radio this week from 1-5pm PST.


Pink Piano

Sound, sound, sound
Plunkety plunk, plunkety plunk
The same sound
Over and over again

There's no one else around
When you and me are near
What does this mean
My pink piano

My fingers touch
My mind disappears
To any human voice


What does all this mean
What is collecting
Means nothing to no one else
What does it mean to me


It's along the same lines as Ashes on My Cup. I wrote lyrics for 4 songs along the lines of Razzmatazz Club in Spain and Ned Euphorya these past few days. Two of them aren't composed.

Lori Jean Soundcloud Music Streaming Page

Saturday, August 20, 2016

DJ and Musician Dennis Holseybrook Coming Up #hamiltonradio #qstarradio

Coming up in the hour, about 4:45pm PST Hamilton and Q Star Radio. Great musician. Need to hear.

Check out a sample here: Streaming

But his CD here: Buy CD

First CD: CD

iHeart Streaming

Ok Here It Is

Don't know if I should upload the song cuz I just got offered a producing deal for it.

Eeeks!!! Yikes!!!! Yeah!!!!

Ashes on My Cup

Keep you posted!!

Coming up at 1:30ish Oh No! #hamiltonradio #qstaradio #lorijean #radioairplay

Is DJ Dennis Holseybrook going to play my new song Ashes on My Cup?? We'll see. My son loves it. If my son loves it it's good. Possibly sometimes it's a genre thing for the station. We'll see. If not I'll post it at soundcloud and share. I may post it afterwards anyway. or About 1:30ish pm PST.

Thought I'd share my more radio AirPlay and who I'm played next to. Only Rock Radio

Friday, August 19, 2016

Ashes on My Cup #RazzmatazzClubs #Spain #NedEuphorya #LoriJean #ToveLo

Possibly watch for this song played tomorrow after listening to Tove Lo on a station in Spain I'm played, Only Rock Radio, I wrote and recorded it. I'm gearing towards Razzmatazz and trying to get Ned to come. If my friend, musician, and DJ accepts the song it will be played between 1-5:00 pm PST tomorrow, Sat. August. 20th. He will play another if he doesn't accept this one for his Music Motel Radio Show on Hamilton and Q Star Radio. I'll be there at 1:00 pm PST so most likely within the hour. I'll post coming up within either top or bottom of the hour. Please listen in.

Ashes on My Cup


Thinking about you now again
Feeling so lonely 
Wryly upon my bed so alone

You're leaving me wasted
Our love was so much more
I'm wryly wasted
Like ashes on my cup

I smell you, I hear you 
I know you've been here before
I can hear you breathing
I know you've been here before 


Possible fixtures, unknown ingredients
I may have been
To all its graces
From another room I'm barren to.


The groans I know
I have become accustomed to
the feel and smell upon you
I know someone's here
I know when someone's been upon you


Community Housing #homeless #registertovote #lorijean #socoldoutsidecd #trump #singersongwriter #bestmusicartist

I just registered to vote.

State Funded Community Housing

Private cubicles for items.    Shared Frig
(Don't touch).                       Ea. Pers shf

                     Donated Food Fridge
Extra given when food is touched

Donated Items
Extra given when personal items are touched

Rules broken you will be asked to leave. Lists are kept.

Register to vote.

No. 1 Reason for Women Homelessness DV

Thursday, August 18, 2016

In My Cup by Lori Finnila aka Lori Jean #dirt #ashes #sex #sad 😢

In My Cup
by Lori Finnila aka Lori Jean

In my cup
There it stood, alone
Black ashes, wryly smashed against the side
Possible fixtures and unknown ingredients 
It may have known
To its graces
From another room I'm barren from.

The groans I know, now my cup has become accustomed too.
You are no longer my cup, I feel.
I will dredge this wash, perhaps bring you closer to me again.
But still seeing what went on in my mind in the foreground may prolong this.
Tell me when it is safe again.

Lori Jean #hamiltonradio #qstarradio Bottom of the Hour #lorijean #dennisholseybrook

Catch me played by musician and DJ Dennis Holseybrook at the bottom of the hour. About 3:30 pm PST.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

My Vision #NAPW #lorijean #conglomerate

NAPW just ignited me.

Ok. This is what I'm seeing:

My Movie (Pia's Records-TV Pilot: Lori Finnila's Comical Journey to Her Music)


Little Girls Song Doll, backpacks, sweatshirt, lunch boxes...

Lori Jean Lullaby Bear with "Sleep My Darling Angel."

Pray for the Return of Nalani Capri Sorrell

I'm praying and asking for your assistance to help lawfully return this child to her grieving mother Andrea Melissa Combs. The child was unlawfully taken from her and of no known whereabouts after she was ordered to be returned home. Missing now for two years.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Last Nite #mintla #trip #mindblowing #lorijean

Last nite was a trip and mind blowing. I will remember forever. I gave it my all. My brain was so ready for it. The sound engineer was awesome! He picked Grandma Farinha which rocked the house. I was so grateful for my experience. 😘❤️

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Coming up at the Bottom of the Hour #hamiltonradio #qstarradio #dennisholseybrook #country #sassy #desesperadoonyourknees #lorijean

Correction: too late for this one but one of my others will be played!

A cool, country sassy sing I've been playing around with trying to bring in my Portuguese and have presented to Factory Fast Records for a possible compilation.  Listen in. Also here at Qstar RadioGetting closer to my dreams of a Spain and Portugal tour.