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I apologize for not having this out earlier for the song that was released July 26th. I had it under lyrics and thought that I had lost it and felt I couldn't recreate this again. Here it is and I hope you enjoy it.

With familiarity of everything you’ve once known and believed in, it makes it so easy, especially when you’re looking back on 20 years or more, to look at love or a situation you once felt comfortable in as your haven of the past that still sits with you. Of course, you have to rationalize the fact that your realm of the past can be miles away from the thoughts of those or a situation you once knew.

But when reading or listening to music (reflecting back), we can’t help but to summon upon those special moments that were part of our growth and or growing that contributed to our life; they are ours by all means. Though the past can clash with thoughts to our realm of today, we need to keep them close to our hearts and minds and cherish what they have given to us rounded into our personalities.

The feelings that are so deep and instilled in us have become ours, and no one else’s.  Though they can never be taken away from us, they also can never be viewed the way we do-but we also have to realize that they are fully ours. We can connect at times with others on the same level to them, even in the same way. But what we feel inside is always ours.

I want to thank Leon Russell for being one of the greats that inspired and reached my soul in my mind to be able to create this song.

"Lady Blue"

"Just Like Yesterday"


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