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Possibly watch for this song played tomorrow after listening to Tove Lo on a station in Spain I'm played, Only Rock Radio, I wrote and recorded it. I'm gearing towards Razzmatazz and trying to get Ned to come. If my friend, musician, and DJ accepts the song it will be played between 1-5:00 pm PST tomorrow, Sat. August. 20th. He will play another if he doesn't accept this one for his Music Motel Radio Show on Hamilton and Q Star Radio. I'll be there at 1:00 pm PST so most likely within the hour. I'll post coming up within either top or bottom of the hour. Please listen in.

Ashes on My Cup


Thinking about you now again
Feeling so lonely 
Wryly upon my bed so alone

You're leaving me wasted
Our love was so much more
I'm wryly wasted
Like ashes on my cup

I smell you, I hear you 
I know you've been here before
I can hear you breathing
I know you've been here before 


Possible fixtures, unknown ingredients
I may have been
To all its graces
From another room I'm barren to.


The groans I know
I have become accustomed to
the feel and smell upon you
I know someone's here
I know when someone's been upon you



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