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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Coming up bottom of hour 2:30 pm PST 8/23 Another New Song "Pink Piano" for PossibleAirPlay #hamiltonradio #qstarradio

Wrote and composed this today with possible play Tuesday or Thursday, whichever day DJ Holseybrook, Songsmith, works at Music Motel on Hamilton and Q Star Radio this week from 1-5pm PST.


Pink Piano

Sound, sound, sound
Plunkety plunk, plunkety plunk
The same sound
Over and over again

There's no one else around
When you and me are near
What does this mean
My pink piano

My fingers touch
My mind disappears
To any human voice


What does all this mean
What is collecting
Means nothing to no one else
What does it mean to me


It's along the same lines as Ashes on My Cup. I wrote lyrics for 4 songs along the lines of Razzmatazz Club in Spain and Ned Euphorya these past few days. Two of them aren't composed.

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