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Bounty Bount #dance #electronic #gift #lorijeanrocks #newsong

Have fun with this one! It's totally free to do whatever you want with it. Bounty Bount Looking forward to my Tomorrow Land!!!

Two New Song Lyrics AND When All the Guilt is Gone Mastered #emotionallyexpressing #lorijeanrocks #music

I wrote two new cool songs of expression. My story and many other women's unfolds. We are healing! Poisoned Again by Lori Jean Finnila Verse Comes to me in roars Makes me step back Take a thought where I am Chorus It's happening again That burning That yearning that's in my head in my mind to help me Verse The fright comes upon Takes me to a place  of desecration of that burning inside of me... Of that burning inside of........ Bridge My head begins to fade It all ends up blended in my routine I've become a creature Of my own pain and fear Chorus Verse They say you complain to me You complain to them You think you're a victim Bridge It's happening again over and over again I'm a rat I'm an animal My mind is burning Bridge Please tell me  in my state of mind  why I'm not valuable enough to remain Chorus It's happening again Again and again and again That burning yearning that's in my head

Official 2019' Song Press Release and Women's Night #press #party #sisters

Here's the official press release for my song releases for this year 2019.' Also here's a list of songs for my lady's night playlist!! The Lady I Want to Be Show Me Your Heart We All Fail Sometimes When All the Guilt is Gone Bound Unhelped Ashamed of Me Rules of a Woman I May Have Had a Hard Day Let the Tears Flow So Damned When I Should Move You Have the Wrong Girl Virginia Take Me to That Place My Man so far......

Spain Radio Airplay and a New Picture #lorijean #radioairplay #rock #musician

My 2017' Best Country Song from The Akademia Music Awards. The Akademia On Spain's "This Is Only Rock Radio" and "So Groovy" htt

Updated: Athletes Inspire Music by Lori Jean Blessing Her Lyrics #press #rock #lorijean #music #release

Athletes Inspire Music by Lori Jean Blessing Her Lyrics Sports Illustrated uses bold paints, runways use dark colors, Lori Jean's uses lyrics. Portland, Oregon, United States., March 4, 2019 - /LJProductionsandPublishing/ - Lori Jean is an Award Winning artist in 2017' and 2019' Executives Award Nominee from TheAkademia Music Awards where Alicia Keys started. Lori Jean continues to write award winning music with award winning themes. Her latest Spotify releases involve changing faith. A song titled “We All Fail Sometimes” is inspired by the movie “Stronger Than the World” portraying champion boxer José Aldo's life as a troubled youth with domestic violence in his life. The release will be at Spotify July 12th. Lyrics in the song 'silent this moment' is a place where you stand alone and hear or see no one around you. 'Another day' is a day unrecognizable in time because shock brings silence to fright. 'I don't s