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RV for #lorijean ?!

RV I Like I'm thinking I could drive and stay where I want to stay, sing, write plays, sit under the sun, and think about you guys!! It's FREEDOM!! 

Isabelle's Eyes Play #music #play #lorijean

Isabelle's Eyes Play Daunting and haunting created by Lori Jean Finnila is left in side by side actions on stage of a little girl that thinks back. Questions and thoughts are left in your mind. Two songs that go with it: Ten Little Girls by Lori Jean Though I'm One Less by Lori Jean                                                                       Lori Jean Finnila at 16.

Dreams in a House w/ lyrics #stage #lorijean

Dreams in a House w/ lyrics at Soundcloud

Sleepy Angel Inspire w/ lyrics #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond #lorijean

Sleepy Angel Inspire at Soundcloud Song File for Kids Teens at Crossroads of America and Beyond page                                                   Courtesy Creative Fan

The Greatest Gift of All #Lord #lorijeanfinnila #lorijean

The Greatest Gift of All I was given the greatest gift of all I don't smug appearance Or feel crude or disgust in my mind When I see a wandering homeless I was just given the greatest gift of all Thank you Lord For taking away my sins For judging those Who have less than us I was just given the greatest gist of all I can see a human so great inside And not fear  with judgment from my soul I was just given the greatest gist of all He can walk by me Sit and eat with me Live and sleep in my streets I was just given the greatest gist of all By Lori Jean Finnila  ### Photo Courtesy David Wilkerson Sermon

He Walks Among Us #happysunday #lorijean

He Walks Among Us He knows each day,  his day  With Each step carefully planned  His face with pleasure to intent with desire to accomplishment Verse Though he may not breathe the air we breathe  Or walk the roads we walk He wakes up every morning He walks among us Chorus Ge may not wear silk He may not drink milk He stays here his space, dreams, and intentions just as important as us Verse His face may look gray and dusted His clothes worn His face and hair unfamiliar  He is adorned He knows his path He carefully plans his everyday With purpose  It is known Another journey  Another day left not unspent Chorus Verse Though he may just carry  Large bags of empty bottles Throughout his day He has his fathers eyes With a mission like all of us Chorus Courtesy Boston Globe Courtesy Priceonomics

Dreams in a House #lorijean #classical

Dreams in a House at Soundcloud Lyrics Dreams in a House Verse Dreams in a house People come see  A little girl  That brings ease,  For the ones who never cared for her Chorus Come see me in my house It has all my past and dreams Come make it clear Make it here Make it easy for me Verse Is time so importantly  To the essence of existence  we try so hard to bind Our hearts our minds they go frail  They go away Chorus Verse Come see me in my window Don't make me run for my dreams in a house I have everything here  It's so clear Bridge No more questions No more answers Needed to get past All of the others It's such a ghast  Chorus Cuz a lifetime is once to be seen it's a lifetime to be seen Make it clear  Make it here Make it easy for me

Radio Airplay for Today #lorijean #isxradio #theshiftradio

Please feel free to request my songs at these stations.

Ten Little Girls w/ lyrics #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond #lorijean

Ten Little Girls w/ lyrics file Also on your page here at the blog. And I'm sorry I forgot to put yesterday's song over there too until now. SoundCloud Link

Fixed up Better People For a Better World #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond #lorijean

SoundCloud Link Actual File for Kids Your song is on your page too. You should be able to have a lot of fun with this one. 😘 Factory Fast Records artist

Kids! Check out Your Songs #FMRadio #AMRadio #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond

Check out your songs being played on the radio!!!! Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Presents: #WeWorkin Mixtape Vol. 496 WeWorkin Mixtape Vol. 496 . Download, stream, embed, share or review #WeWorkin Mixtape Vol. 496 for free on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes. WTYT 960 - Lori Jean Submit your music! Win gear & gigs!!

OMG MTV 🇮🇹 #lorijean

Lori Jean

Ten Little Girls Instrumental (Demo) #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond #lorijean

Ten Little Girls Instrumental (Demo) at Soundcloud File Download   Have fun mixing this with all kinds of effects. Photo courtesy  Zacretz Blog

Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Educating the World

Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Carrying on Education to the Global Population without Discrimination Not only is the theme of the organization, Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, set up to teach the course of Jesus in Apostle to everyone, but to specifically reach out to those who can't afford and aid monetarily and with resources to the global population without discrimination. Most programs for the needy aren’t set up for the disabled: the resources just aren’t there. And many mothers who are older are forgotten to the system of education. The thought to empower women, who are the majority of our poor in the world, is aimed at bringing strength to our mothers. Necessitating them with emotional strength with a strong mind is moving mountains and breaking stone toward success. These virtues are passed on and just now being widely accepted as a way to combat poverty. Religion is no longer a facet to face fear but conquer it to a realization that many once couldn

Newer Lyrics to Last 2 of EM #techno for now #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond

Working on the techno with a twist compositions for you. Here's the latest of the newest lyrics to: Ten Little Girls Verse There were ten little girls All lined up so unreal Made to be sleeping little beauties Chorus Ten Little Girls Lost in fairy tales Never to reveal How they really feel Verse Ten little girls Lined up in a row Like my favorite tale They bind me here Like a jail I couldn't open my mouth I’ll tell you my story Here's the Catholic girl That didn't follow along Bridge There were ten little girls All lined up so unreal Made to be sleeping beauties But one twitched To itch Saved my ass From the blast From such a hateful flow To my body My Body..... Ten little girls Who haven't seen the world Like mine Lost their babies too Now all ours are gone. All ours are gone Chorus There were ten little girls All lined up so unreal Made to be sleeping beauties Sleepy Angel Inspire Verse Were like littl