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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dreams in a House #lorijean #classical

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Dreams in a House

Dreams in a house
People come see 
A little girl 
That brings ease, 
For the ones who never cared for her

Come see me in my house
It has all my past and dreams
Come make it clear
Make it here
Make it easy for me

Is time so importantly 
To the essence of existence 
we try so hard to bind
Our hearts our minds they go frail 
They go away


Come see me in my window
Don't make me run for my dreams in a house
I have everything here 
It's so clear


No more questions
No more answers
Needed to get past
All of the others
It's such a ghast 


Cuz a lifetime is once to be seen

it's a lifetime to be seen

Make it clear 
Make it here

Make it easy for me

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