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Lori Jean Finnila Streaming

Thursday, December 31, 2015

#periscope #littlegirls #lorijean #factoryfastrecords

MRelease Jan. 12th "Little Girls" by Lori Jean on "Curtains Against the Wind" by Factory Fast Records. WW release digitally and CD at Amazin and CD Baby.

3:00pm PST performance

Saturday, December 26, 2015

#love #lorijean #ljpworks

I love this song remixed. Let me know if YOU love it!! "Say You Love Me"

Friday, December 25, 2015

#ljpworks 2015 Review

LJP Works 2015 Review #ljpworks #nedeuphorya and #lorijean "She Finds the Chords Herself" #timcheatle and #lorijean "Transition" #lorijean "Super Lady"

Ringing in the New Year #concertwindow

I'm ringing in the New Year with you at an online concert at Concert Window.

I'm so thankful for the support, the connections, and the people I've worked with this year! 

Factory Fast Records
The Shift Radio
ISX Radio
MuseBoat Radio
Dr. Bones Radio
Beyond the Dawn Radio
Open the Door Radio 

Griffith Records for holding on to me with "Say You Love Me" and believing in me.
My compadres, Ned Euphorya and Tim Cheatle, for sticking it out with me through all my ups and downs. My Meme and Pepe for inspiring me with this year's release through my label, LJP Works. And of course, my beautiful son, whom I call my magic child, for making this all possible!

Some songs: Under Your Pillow 
Just Like Yesterday 
Jesse's Song 
She Finds the Chords Herself 
Say You Love Me 
Though I'm One Less 
Anonymous Girl
 Don't Tell Him 
Bound Unhelped.       Encore: You Named Me Best Friend

Evening Singing #holidayswithlorijean #periscope

I'l be on at 5:00pm PST to sing a few more songs for you. Some Christmas, some from my albums!! Come by!!

Replay Christmas Morning Singing

Thursday, December 24, 2015

#holidayswithlorijean Christmas Morning

Come join me at 11:00am PST at #periscope for a Christmas song and watch for my posting after dinner here or Twitter @lorifinnila for my evening performance to be announced. Luv ya!! Happy Holidays!!

Replay #holidayswithlorijean

Replay #holidayswithlorijean

#holidayswithlorijean #freegift

#holidayswithlorijean #freegift #love

Christmas #singing

#holidayswithlorijean #periscope Today at 6:00pm PST I will be there to sing some Christmas tunes and a couple of my songs!! #lorijean

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

#superlady at iTunes and Apple Music!!

Out today! “Super Lady” single at iTunes. Great gift for your loved one! Written from the love of my #meme and #pepe. Watch for Ned Euphorya and my EP to this next year!!
Scheduled for Dec 23, 10:00 AM

Apple Music accepted me!! First time for this! I did it all on my own!! Woohoooo!!! 36 stores picked this time!! Very good. Not as many as with Ned but he got me started. Grateful!! Love you Ned! Thxs Tim Cheatle for your training on our songs. Watch for our brick and mortar release next year on Little Girls CD March 15th, my mom's bday. Ned and I are being pursued to tour so if the rich man can be bought we will be on the road next year!!

Periscope Reminder #superlady

Watch for me on Periscope tomorrow at 2:00pm PST singing my released song on this day “Super Lady” worldwide digitally!
Lori Jean

Sunday, December 20, 2015

#periscope Live Today

Watch for me around 3ish PST today practicing Bound Unhelped by me in #periscope #lorijean #ljpworks Lori Jean @lorifinnila 

Friday, December 18, 2015

ISX Radio Clip #lorijean #factoryfastrecords

ISX Radio Clip “Under Your Pillow” by Lori Jean #lorijean #factoryfastrecords #isxradio

#superlady CD Update

My 2015 LJP Works Review did something. I appreciate all the support given by all, but now see the light even clearer to my journey.

I Put on My Gloves
Not Bare At All
Super Lady
What Ever Happened to Little Lisa
You Could See It
She Finds the Chords Herself
Come Into the Light
A Familiar Sound
Though I'm One Less
Jesse's Song
Once You Know You Can Never
You R Star
Say You Love (Original Remix)
She Shows Me
You Named Me Best Friend

(Have to ask Tim)

Update: Was at the wonderful XRP Radio in the UK this morning and talking to my label Factory Fast Records about the distribution of my songs, I've come to love this title and cover. Apparently I'm best at alternative roots, which is what I am. We ALL do ballads anyway!! 😘😘❤️❤️😍 Thank you fans for your LOVE!! I'm working HARD for you!!

Changes to the CD. The name. Distribution to brick and mortar available-first time for me for this. And out on my mom's birthday, March 15th. I will begin press releases Jan. 15th.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Radio AirPlay

New Song with Instr

New Song with instr You Named Me Best Friend by Lori Jean

You Named Me Best Friend #ljpworks

Another song I just wrote.

You Named Me Best Friend

I held your hand
Your wedding day
Watched you cry and grow
Through the years
One more child
One more thought
Of how you’ve flown

So high…

Laughed more thru the years
Held your born
You named me best friend
One bad marriage caused it all to end

Friends you can't trust
Friends you long for
Is all I can sought for now
The meaning of true friend


You tell me
You're out to me
But you're all I want to be
Watch me scream
To show you how irrelevant
This all is today

It's all such an illusion
Shock at times
There's no place for irony on my mind
For one best friend

It's sad one bad marriage 
Had to make it end…


#factoryfastrecords #lorijean #release #periscope

My new song release “Little Girls” Jan. 12. #periscope #lorijean 3:00pm PST Jan. 12

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

#superlady Release #periscope iTunes

The Shift Music (@the_shift_music)
12/16/15, 11:31 AM
Great artist now playing on - ‘Super Lady’ by ‘Lori Jean’ @lorifinnila . #online #radio AV. wW digitally Dec. 23 #periscope #lorijean #ljpworks #superlady #nedeuphorya 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

#poisonedbymyfriends: You R a Star

#poisonedbymyfriends: You R a Star: A song for #poisonedbymyfriends soundtrack. It's funny, but I feel like I've said it all. You R a Star

#homeless Sell My Song for $1 to Eat

My #freegift #homeless Go ahead and sell for $1 as a file share so you can eat, pay some bills, buy other things you need. Print strips of this post and hand out. Each download gets you a $1. If one person shares it with 10 people that's $10. The digital file is available for sale online anymore so this can be a plus for you. Sing it if you like, play it as people go by and tell them your selling the download for a good cause-yourself! So Cold Outside by Lori Jean written for homelessness and at Amazon on the "Love of a Child" CD.

Rock When I Fall in Love by Lori Jean

Rock When I Fall in Love by Lori Jean

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fatso on Tomorrow

Fatso will be on tomorrow. Don’t forget about my show and how I turned from a beauty queen to drastically being mental and unaware to make my own decisions: apparently the fat swelled my brain. (This is all funny obviously; this is not reality though but how my best friends saw me when I returned home. Catch up with me tomorrow at 2:00pm PST. Time is not working right at show. Lol I know why... If you follow me you will too. Right bro?! Oops, oh well. I didn’t mean to say that. Apparently I have family hidden in higher places??!!http:/

Bad Best Friends Show

My new show airing 12-14 at 2:00pm

#poisonedbymyfriends screenplay outline 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Replay #periscope

Replay Periscope #factoryfastrecords #timcheatle #lorijean #periscope #music #giftspot

Periscope #lorijean

On Periscope in a little singing some of my songs. Watch for it posted at Twitter @lorifinnila. Lori Jean

#poisonedbymyfriends Screenplay

Go read about my screenplay.

You Are a Star #giftspot #ljpworks

You are a star
I know that's what you wanted
The light shines so bright on you
You wanted all the attention 
You felt I took so much from you 

You did everything you possibly could
Somehow it just wouldn't come to you

You struggled
You sprawled
You wanted so badly to be seen
To stand so tall
But what is it in for me
You would say
The light shines so strongly
Down on you
You haven't even done anything
You never had to 

Why does something like this called life
To me come so easily to you

You have to just work so hard at it yourself

Like I’ve NEVER had to do

"Healing From My Music" Interview #giftspot

#giftspot #ljpworks “Healing From My Music” Interview

#somelivesaresofup #ljpworks #lorijean #

Some Lives are So F Up

Some lives are so F up
I know it's mine
I know I’m one of them 
I know you wanted to beat me
Shut me up
I did it to myself
You took the most precious thing from me

I would lay there
Never disagree
Try to please 
Close my eyes 
Never letting anyone touch me

I walked a road
Crossed a path
When someone came into my life
And pried my legs apart

You took something so valuable from me
I knew right from the start 
That's when it all happened
I didn't let the hitting stop

I let myself die
I let myself go
I walked in numbness
I didn't know what else to do

But the fight is on
Though I did  it to myself
I won't be sorry 
From now on

It's just what it is
I know now for sure now
Life just happens
Shit is what it is 
My battlegrounds are ready
I put on  my gloves

You want to fight
You want to take me away
You may have won
But I’ve just begun

I sit here scrawled up 
On my bathroom floor
Without a friend
But somehow … I feel 
You can never hurt me more than you did
You broke me down
But I'm sure to win 
You took my baby
You took her life...
What a sad pitiful sight for you
You shouldn't have forced your strength on someone like me

I make the Valentine's Day cards ... dad no
The gloves are on ... I've got nothing to lose

Thursday, December 10, 2015

#poisonedbymyfriends #ljpworks "Was In My Way Out"

Was On My Way Out

Was on my way out that day
Had a job
Not a drip
A Hollywood like trip

You didn't want me to go
I could see the look in your face
As you panically stuck
That tuna sandwich in my face

Never would have thought to doubt 
For one question with you
What might have been in that
That turned that trip completely upside down

Directors producers agents
Modeling acting
Lost left behind
Burnt eyes burnt toast
Where am I half the time
To all I’ve trusted

Mystery knows 
what lies behind
What's been done to me
As I watch the trail 
You’ve left behind me

I’ll barely look

#poisonedbymyfriends #giftspot "Minds Made Up"

Was about to go out the door
There was so much to do
So much more

Just because you didn't understand
Yiu didn't have to stop being my friend

The embarrassment you said I caused
My lack of self
And preserve
My preservation
My disability, so bent

I didn't mean to embarrass you
I had to breathe
Not to turn blue
Maybe to preach
Maybe not so true
But I still didn't hurt you

It's not like I touch
No, not physically like you
You went too far
You burnt right through my skin 
You changed me
You changed me forever 
Like you'll never know

My minds made up
I had to cry, laugh, and smile
Like you, and everyone else

The too pretty
Not so pretty
Still, too fast
Too cross
I don't know what you want from me

I burn
I die
I cry
I fight just like you

In the end, I was only blood and skin,
Just like you

Bad Bite of Pizza #giftspot #poisonedbyyourfriends

Bad Bite of Pizza

Bad bite of pizza
Made me spin 
burnt my head
You saw me shrill
And rolled your eyes

Sorry I'm too much for you
You invited me too
You invited me to 
The hell of you

My walk did array
Mumbled in my shoes
Drool on my sleeves
As I’m so incoherent to you


You say I don't pee right
Don't know how to wash my hands
Make fun of me to your friends

Time has dragged on
As the stories have spread


Can't fight the trail
You’ve made for me
The sacrificial lamb
You led me to be

I still scream today

#giftspot Healing with Music Interview

My interview Healing from my music creations.


Please use what you have learned these past couple of days for it to become a regular part of your life. Take notes of what you love, especially the simple things that can be obtained easily, and post them somewhere so you can remember to do something for yourself. You would be surprised how easily we forget to do this. And when we do, we get lost in the sense that we never do anything nice for ourselves.

Most importantly, be grateful when you have done something for yourself. This is where the benefits to you come in. You will feel that wonderful feeling that goes to your brain that signifies happiness and the true meaning of success!! And will truly live a healthier life!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

#humantrafficking #superlady #lorijean #nedeuphorya #giftspot


#love #meme #pepe #humantrafficking #grandmeme #grandpepe #nedeuphorya

The woman who saved my life, and I wouldn't be here today if she didn't stop men from taking me away, my meme. The strength and courage she was taught from her mother to stand up and speak out is immeasurable. The frightening thoughts run through my mind of what I could have experienced-men touching me, beating me, and abusing me. If I hadn't known the love from my meme I wouldn't have connected so strongly in her direction of her commands when she yelled, "You're not taking her anywhere." She saved my life one night from being abducted after being eyed for so long. I was barely 4 years old.

My love to my Meme and Pepe, and Grand Meme and Grand Pepe.

##juvenilefacilities #cpschildabuse #giftspot

Juvenile Facilities for Homeless Teens

Prisoner of My Life - EP by Lori Jean

Attentions Obliquely #giftspot #ljpworks

With the postmodernism change, I am showing that a woman does not need a man, making my own modernism change. I deal with this problem in everyday interactions being told I am not allowed to take care of myself, or not be bothered in my own country because I am a woman-for my own good, and that I don’t, as a woman, have a strong enough mind to make my own decisions, or be safe within my own being-alone-on top of the fact that this is how our safety in our country runs. I supposed I am trying to catch other’s attentions obliquely.

Prisoner of My Life - EP by Lori Jean


The Shift Music (@the_shift_music)
12/6/15, 4:56 AM
Great artist now playing on - ‘Under Your Pillow’ by ‘Lori Jean’ @lorifinnila @NYCFactoryFast. #online #radio #giftspot #lorijean

#lorijeangratitudegame #giftspot Simple Things

Simple things have the most power. Looking back on our lives, especially through traumatic times, those small things that we enjoy-say a bagel sandwich, stay in our memory. The horror of that time in our life seems deflected a little bit. The relaxation in our body has carried from these moments to today-keeping us in better health for those relying on us.

Escape the trap of materialistic things by focusing on gratitude. Gratitude is a lot more effective than money, and easier to obtain. Find the magic bagel in your life and write it down. Be sure to incorporate it into your life and enjoy it-even if it doesn't feel right at the moment.

Many times when I have felt lonely I would force myself to do something special with and/or for myself. I would feel my body brighten and feel lighter. If only even a little, afterwards I would be grateful after that special day or occasion I spent alone. I felt more worthy. It made it easier to share this feeling that I learned to give myself with others. Because I felt more worthy I had more confidence to reach out and interact with others more. My time became less lonely.

Check in tomorrow for another journal moment with #lorijeangratitudegame.

Monday, December 7, 2015

#holidayswithlorijean #lsuperlady #lorijean #ljpworks

#superlady #lorijean #giftspot #ljpworks #holidayswithlorijean single prerelease Out WW Dec. 23 Don’t forget to watch me in #periscope that day at 2:00pm PST singing the song!

#holidayswithlorijean #lorijean #ljpworks

Blue Christmas (Cover) by Lori Jean Free Gifts

#holidayswithlorijean #lorijean #periscope

Me on Periscope

#lorijeangratitudegame #giftspot #lorijean

 Journal - Day 2 "Flavor"

How did that special thing come about? Give each one flavor. Who caused it?

My feeling of accomplishment came from so many places and things. The people I work with and the producers. The places that play me. The hearts and downloads on soundcloud as well as the headlines when I'm played on the radio. The love from my son that got me started.

Quietest Moments
I learned what I had done to feel these things and just to make them happen. It's in the quietest moments that you feel these. I learned feeling grateful did this.

Letting Go
I learned when to let go and let time take control of my destiny. After all the hard work, it all needs time to fruition and work for you. We need to stay out of the way at these times and let the universe make the magic happen for us. This comes from experience found in these quiet moments of what timing is right for us to do these things. Thoughts are the most powerful and we can find what gifts God has given us to share-bringing happiness.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

What went well today!!

Follow me with this journal of this gratitude game I'm playing. Play along.

For me:

I felt accomplished and accepted as a real musician. Another of my songs will be produced-not by me-even better.

I realized how much love I've had sent my way to heal. It's the quietest moments that show the most love.

Love comes so unexpected from the most unknowning times in your life. Something that might not ever to have dreamed to be as deep as you have always secretly wanted it to be can come from those that you may never have figured.

How grateful the silence is and how powerful.

The gifts that I have been astonishingly been born with and God allowed me to survive to use and show and share with the world.

My thoughts on how rich I am in the world just from my thoughts alone.

Great Artist 'Me!' Yeah #surprise

The Shift Music (@the_shift_music)
12/6/15, 4:56 AM
Great artist now playing on - ‘Under Your Pillow’ by ‘Lori Jean’ @lorifinnila @NYCFactoryFast. #online #radio

Another song with Factory Fast Records!!! Waiting for the final.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

"Curtains Against the Wind!"

My “Curtains Against the Wind” is in with my “Little Girls” song on it in this compilation of artist produced by Factory Fast Records! #lorijean #giftspot

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Prisoner of My Life EP at GooglePlay #giftspot

Prisoner of My Life EP by Lori Jean

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#giftspot Prisoner of My Life

Prisoner of My Life - EP by Lori Jean
#giftspot #lorijean #ljpworks