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 Journal - Day 2 "Flavor"

How did that special thing come about? Give each one flavor. Who caused it?

My feeling of accomplishment came from so many places and things. The people I work with and the producers. The places that play me. The hearts and downloads on soundcloud as well as the headlines when I'm played on the radio. The love from my son that got me started.

Quietest Moments
I learned what I had done to feel these things and just to make them happen. It's in the quietest moments that you feel these. I learned feeling grateful did this.

Letting Go
I learned when to let go and let time take control of my destiny. After all the hard work, it all needs time to fruition and work for you. We need to stay out of the way at these times and let the universe make the magic happen for us. This comes from experience found in these quiet moments of what timing is right for us to do these things. Thoughts are the most powerful and we can find what gifts God has given us to share-bringing happiness.


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