#lorijeangratitudegame #giftspot Simple Things

Simple things have the most power. Looking back on our lives, especially through traumatic times, those small things that we enjoy-say a bagel sandwich, stay in our memory. The horror of that time in our life seems deflected a little bit. The relaxation in our body has carried from these moments to today-keeping us in better health for those relying on us.

Escape the trap of materialistic things by focusing on gratitude. Gratitude is a lot more effective than money, and easier to obtain. Find the magic bagel in your life and write it down. Be sure to incorporate it into your life and enjoy it-even if it doesn't feel right at the moment.

Many times when I have felt lonely I would force myself to do something special with and/or for myself. I would feel my body brighten and feel lighter. If only even a little, afterwards I would be grateful after that special day or occasion I spent alone. I felt more worthy. It made it easier to share this feeling that I learned to give myself with others. Because I felt more worthy I had more confidence to reach out and interact with others more. My time became less lonely.

Check in tomorrow for another journal moment with #lorijeangratitudegame.


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