#poisonedbymyfriends #giftspot "Minds Made Up"

Was about to go out the door
There was so much to do
So much more

Just because you didn't understand
Yiu didn't have to stop being my friend

The embarrassment you said I caused
My lack of self
And preserve
My preservation
My disability, so bent

I didn't mean to embarrass you
I had to breathe
Not to turn blue
Maybe to preach
Maybe not so true
But I still didn't hurt you

It's not like I touch
No, not physically like you
You went too far
You burnt right through my skin 
You changed me
You changed me forever 
Like you'll never know

My minds made up
I had to cry, laugh, and smile
Like you, and everyone else

The too pretty
Not so pretty
Still, too fast
Too cross
I don't know what you want from me

I burn
I die
I cry
I fight just like you

In the end, I was only blood and skin,
Just like you


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